Young gun spotlight: NBL- Round 4

WITHIN Round 4, our young guns were still firing, but none were better than Melo Trimble, who kept dropping basket after basket on Saturday night. Twenty year-olds, Harry Froling and Brian Bowen were hot in defence and got a few points themselves, whereas Rhys Vague made the most of his court time.


#1 Melo Trimble- Cairns Taipans 

Another week and Trimble delivers another huge round of points, putting him miles ahead of anyone else in the league. Trimble hit a career-high 34 points, getting around Melbourne’s defence when adding eight assists for the second game in a row. He shot a season-high 65% and adding to the damage, although playing in a loss, he recovered five rebounds.

#11 Harry Froling- Adelaide 36ers 

You can’t expect the 20 year-old to put up too many big scores each week, but across Round 4, he was still a solid contributor on the court. In two games against the Bullets, he hit 18 points (10 and eight), going at 75% on Thursday night. He had three rebounds in the first hit-out, and doubled that in the match-up on Sunday. It’s the fourth game in a row that Froling has hit every shot from the free throw line with 13 points coming from the spot.

#20 Brian Bowen- Sydney Kings

Wasn’t at his best but managed to stay in the game with the time he had on court. A combined six points across two games, Bowen collected four rebounds in each game to steer his team defensively. He had his first steal of the season against the Hawks and his first block since Round 1, against Melbourne.

#25 Rhys Vague- Perth Wildcats

Vague hit five points in a good win for Perth over New Zealand, but he also came up with five rebounds. In just over 12 minutes of game time, it’s a good effort for the forward, who also found himself with two assists and two blocks.

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