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VJBL U18 Grading Phase Pool 1 wrap: Round 2

IN the second round of the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) Grading Phase Pool 1 wrap, teams began to assert themselves in their respective groups, setting up either virtual grand finals, or setting up likely promotion tilts across the Under 18 Boys and Under 18 Girls grades.


Pool 1A:

Whittlesea Pacers grabbed prime position to advance through to the VJBL Championship division with a win over Melbourne Tigers in Round 2. The battle of the two unbeaten sides saw the Pacers win by five points, 50-45, with Jack Tatter having a day out finishing with 26 points. In the battle between the winless sides, Waverley Falcons got up over Wyndham Basketball by 17 points.

Whittlesea Pacers (50) defeated Melbourne Tigers (45)
Jack Tatter (Whittlesea) 26
Oskar Jones (Melbourne) 15
Jack Hrehoresen (Melbourne) 12

Waverley Falcons (59) defeated Wyndham Basketball (42)
Nemuel Soliven (Waverley) 14
Matthew Jefferson (Waverley) 10
Jacob Bord (Wyndham) 14
Emmanwiel Deng (Wyndham) 12


Pool 1B:

In Pool 1B, it was Nunawading who dominated Eltham Wildcats to move to a 2-0 record and edge closer to automatic qualification. Tristan Devers led the way and was one of seven players on the court who reached double-figures, putting up a match-high 22 points in the 73-58 victory. Meanwhile Hawthorn Magic got past Dandenong Rangers’ second side in a tight five-point win.

Dandenong Rangers 2 (45) defeated by Hawthorn Magic (51)
Ned Caldwell (Hawthorn) 15
Denzel Timmons (Hawthorn) 13
Lachlan Currie (Dandenong) 15

Nunawading Spectres (73) defeated Eltham Wildcats (58)
Tristan Devers (Nunawading) 22
Dean Simos (Nunawading) 14
Lucas Koch (Nunawading) 10
Brody Glenn (Eltham) 17
Kristian Ferronato (Eltham) 14
Zahn Agosta (Eltham) 12
Bradley Moorey (Eltham) 11


Pool 1C:

In Pool 1C it was Bulleen who have completely dismantled their second team in as many weeks, destroying Craigieburn Eagles by 53 points to storm to a massive 224.14 per cent. They are 130 per cent more than any other side, and are raging favourites to go ahead. In the other game, Casey Cavaliers got over Diamond Valley Eagles after a loss to Bulleen in week one, to keep their chances of second spot alive.

Diamond Valley Eagles (34) defeated by Casey Cavaliers (44)
Ethan Bolton (Diamond Valley) 13
Blake Shankland (Diamond Valley) 13
Corey Rutherford (Casey) 9

Bulleen Boomers (79) defeated Craigieburn Eagles (26)
Will Rimmington (Bulleen) 13
Max Zalakos (Bulleen) 10
Lochlan Redford (Bulleen) 10
Oliver Slawinski (Bulleen) 10
Kaan Karabulut (Craigieburn) 7


Pool 1D:

Kilsyth Cobras became the sole undefeated side in Pool 1D after a narrow 11-point victory over Frankston Blues. The two winners from Round 1 engaged in a low-scoring affair, but 16 points from Harrison Adams was the standout performance. The other contest was a free-flowing shootout as Dandenong Rangers claimed a vital two-point win over Pakenham Warriors to move up to second overall following the 64-62 triumph.

Dandenong Rangers (64) defeated Pakenham Warriors (62)
Harrison Scott (Dandenong) 13
Coby Burgiel (Dandenong) 11
Noah Suarjaya (Dandenong) 10
Jarred Small (Pakenham) 22
Kaleb Beveridge (Pakenham) 14

Frankston Blues (35) defeated by Kilsyth Cobras (46)
Harrison Adams (Kilsyth) 15
Seth McCubbin (Kilsyth) 12
Cameron Clarke (Frankston) 7


Pool 1E:

McKinnon Cougars are looking good to move into the VJBL Championship Division following an eight-point win over Bendigo Braves. Both sides won in the first week of the competition, and whilst the Cougars had a lower percentage, they were able to get the job done against the Braves in a 51-43 effort. In the other match, Southern Peninsula Sharks made sure they were a win away from dropping to the next group stage, defeating Eltham Wildcats’ second team by 11 points.

McKinnon Cougars (51) defeated Bendigo Braves (43)
Denver Lund (13)
Luke Lyngberg (10)
Lachlan Somerville (17)

Eltham Wildcats 2 (43) defeated by Southern Peninsula Sharks (54)
Darcy Jones (Southern Peninsula) 15
Corey Hastings (Southern Peninsula) 13
Tarrant Wallace (Southern Peninsula) 11
Anthony Prestia (Eltham) 14


Pool 1F:

Rounding out the Pools was 1F, where Geelong United dominated Sunbury Jets to take control in the sixth group. United won 66-31 in a one-sided performance where Olivier Northam and Jamie Bottrell scored the same amount as the entire Sunbury side. In the other max, Knox Raiders grabbed their first win with a victory over Keilor Thunder, getting up by 18 points.

Sunbury Jets (31) defeated Geelong United (66)
Olivier Northam (Geelong) 16
Jamie Bottrell (Geelong) 15
Jet Kneebone (Geelong) 11
David Angove (Sunbury) 9

Knox Raiders (46) defeated Keilor Thunder (28)
Beau Tranter (Knox) 11
Fraser Roxburgh (Knox) 11
Cooper Colson (Keilor) 9

U18 Girls:

Pool 1A:

The two standout teams have been decided in Pool 1A, setting up a virtual grand final to determine which side automatically qualifies for the VJBL Championships. Dandenong Rangers’ first side was too good for Frankston Blues, winning by 14 points to secure their second win of the group stage, while the Rangers’ second side fell again, this time to an inspired Waverley Falcons outfit by 33 points. It means the winner of the Falcons and Rangers 1 side tonight, automatically qualifies.

Dandenong Rangers 2 (27) defeated by Waverley Falcons (60)
Liana Kinkela (Waverley) 18
Emily Gough (Waverley) 14
Alana Poulton (Dandenong) 7

Dandenong Rangers 1 (42) defeated Frankston Blues (28)
Dallas Loughridge (Dandenong) 13
Zoe Harvey (Frankston) 10


Pool 1B:

Despite being a couple of lower-scoring encounters, Keilor Thunder and McKinnon Cougars have set up a virtual grand final in the third round of the group stage tonight. The Thunder accounted for Sunbury Jets 49-38 as Tess Heal was the star with 19 points, while the Cougars won in a low-scoring thriller, 25-20 to keep themselves in contention for automatic promotion.

Keilor Thunder (49) defeated Sunbury Jets (38)
Tess Heal (Keilor) 19
Erin Condron (Sunbury) 9

Kilsyth Cobras (20) defeated by McKinnon Cougars (25)
Tayja Maki (Kilsyth) 5
Romy Price (McKinnon) 6


Pool 1C:

After losing their first game last week, Bellarine Storm bounced back to record a 12-point win over Melbourne Tigers thanks to 12 points from Alivia Osborne being the difference. Meanwhile Bulleen Boomers have put themselves in pole position to claim the automatic qualification spot after a 43-30 victory over fellow first round winners Knox Raiders, with Tabitha Betson (17 points) being the standout shooter.

Bellarine Storm (31) defeated Melbourne Tigers (19)
Alivia Osborne (Bellarine) 12
Taliyah Gomez-Sankari (Melbourne) 6

Bulleen Boomers (43) defeated Knox Raiders (30)
Tabitha Betson (Bulleen) 17
Paige Burrows (Knox) 10


Pool 1D:

Diamond Valley Eagles moved to two wins from two games in Pool 1D, fending off Hawthorn Magic in what has shaped as the most even group of the lot. The Eagles won against the Magic by just four points to go outright top of the table, as Sophie Burrows starred with 19 points. In the other game, Casey Cavaliers bounced back from a week one loss to win 41-33 over Eltham Wildcats, credit to Dakota Crichton‘s 18 points.

Diamond Valley Eagles (41) defeated Hawthorn Magic (37)
Sophie Burrows (Diamond Valley) 19
Genevieve Broadbent (Diamond Valley) 11
Isabel Whitelaw (Hawthorn) 10
Amy O’Hara (Hawthorn) 10

Casey Cavaliers (41) defeated Eltham Wildcats (33)
Dakota Crichton (Casey) 18
Jessica Del Brocco (Eltham) 13


Pool 1E:

In another tight group, Melbourne Tigers moved to two wins from two games by defeating Altona Gators in a thrilling five-point game. Despite Aseka Ratnayake‘s 18 points for the losers, the Tigers triumphed to move to the top of the group. In the other match, Sandringham Sabres bounced back from a loss in week one to cruise to a 24-point victory over Bendigo Braves, 45-21.

Altona Gators (37) defeated by Melbourne Tigers (42)
Hayley Cumming (Melbourne) 14
Leila Davis (Melbourne) 12
Aseka Ratnayake (Altona) 18

Bendigo Braves (21) defeated by Sandringham Sabres (45)
Jaida Reid (Sandringham) 13
Caitlin Richardson (Bendigo) 10


Pool 1F:

In the final group, the two standout sides have emerged, setting up a virtual grand final tonight. Nunawading Spectres and Ballarat Rush both side undefeated from two games after notching up another couple of wins. In the tighter game, the Spectres won by four points over a gallant Ringwood Hawks, while the Rush had a much easier time, accounting for Southern Peninsula Sharks, 66-27 with Georgia Cox‘s 17 points the standout game.

Ringwood Hawks (40) defeated by Nunawading Spectres (44)
Olivia Morris (Nunawading) 10
Katrina Warton (Ringwood) 16

Ballarat Rush (66) defeated Southern Peninsula Sharks (27)
Georgia Cox (Ballarat) 17
Rosie Todd (Ballarat) 14
Rebecca Rylance (Southern Peninsula) 9

VJBL U18 Grading Phase Pool 1 wrap: Round 1

THE Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) got underway last week and we recap all the results from the top Pool in the Under 18s Boys and Girls competitions. The second round is completed tonight, with a third and final round robin stage to be done next Friday night to determine which six teams in each grade automatically qualify for the VJBL Championship division.



In Pool 1A, Emmanwiel Deng was the difference between Whittlesea Pacers and Wyndham Basketball, as Deng put up 22 points – 10 more than anyone else on the court – for the Pacers during a narrow seven-point win. In the other match, Melbourne Tigers proved too strong for Waverley Falcons, with three players hitting double-figures, led by Kobe Shewry (15).

Whittlesea Pacers (49) defeated Wyndham Basketball (42)
Emmanwiel Deng (Whittlesea) 22
Jack Tatter (Wyndham) 12
Callum Stojanovic (Wyndham) 10

Melbourne Tigers (47) defeated Waverley Falcons (36)
Kobe Shewry (Melbourne) 15
Ihsaan Bongso (Melbourne) 13
Kai Garnaut (Melbourne) 11
Harvey Moore (Waverley) 12
Matthew Jefferson (Waverley) 10


In the highest score of the entire round for the Under 18 Boys competition, Eltham Wildcats put Dandenong Rangers’ second side to the sword throughout a 29-point blitz. Led by Riley Lewis (17 points), the Wildcats easily got the points over the Rangers, winning 68-29. In the other game, it was a lot closer with just 12 points separating the teams, though Nunawading Spectres won 60-48 off a round-high individual effort of 25 points thanks to Tristan Devers.

Nunawading Spectres (60) defeated Hawthorn Magic (48)
Tristan Devers (Nunawading) 25
Jarryd Remy (Hawthorn) 9

Eltham Wildcats (68) defeated Dandenong Rangers 2 (39)
Riley Lewis (Eltham) 17
Bradley Moorey (Eltham) 11
Harrison Stones (Eltham) 10
Jak Morris-Burney (Dandenong) 9


Diamond Valley Eagles claimed an early win in the Pool stage thanks to a narrow five-point triumph over Craigieburn Eagles. Marley Lambert (15 points) led the way for the winners, though James Bonnici scored half of Craigieburn’s points with a 23-point effort. In the other match, Bulleen Boomers easily accounted for Casey Cavaliers by 19 points in what was a real shared team win.

Bulleen Boomers (51) defeated Casey Cavaliers (32)
Marcel Haj (Bulleen) 11
Ky Taylor (Casey) 9

Diamond Valley Eagles (52) defeated Craigieburn Eagles (47)
Marley Lambert (Diamond Valley) 15
Isaac Callaghan (Diamond Valley) 10
James Bonnici (Craigieburn) 23
Steven Pestrucci (Craigieburn) 12

Pool 1D:

The highly anticipated match of the round did not disappoint in Pool 1D, with Kilsyth Cobras escaping with the points against an equally-talented Dandenong Rangers outfit. Rhys Crossley and Harrison Adams both put up 15 points in equal match-high efforts during the 55-49 victory. An understrength Frankston Blues team won by a point against Pakenham Warriors, getting the victory courtesy of a low-scoring 36-35 win.

Kilsyth Cobras (55) defeated Dandenong Rangers (49)
Rhys Crossley (Kilsyth) 15
Harrison Adams (Kilsyth) 15
Wyatt Stewart (Kilsyth) 12
Coby Burgiel (Dandenong) 13

Frankston Blues (36) defeated Pakenham Warriors (35)
Liam Atkinson (Frankston) 8
Lauchlan Mark (Pakenham) 10

Pool 1E:

In another couple of high-scoring wins, Bendigo Braves obliterated Eltham Wildcats’ second side, getting up 61-25 in an impressive showing. Jacob Nihill led the scoring with 11 in a real team effort, whilst in the other game, McKinnon Cougars – led by Nathan Scollo‘s 19 points – were too strong for Southern Peninsula Sharks. Despite Corey Hastings‘ game-high 20 points for the Sharks, they went down by 13 points.

Bendigo Braves (61) defeated Eltham Wildcats 2 (25)
Jacob Nihill (Bendigo) 11
Malik Gordon (Bendigo) 10
Felix Bell (Eltham 2) 8

McKinnon Cougars (60) defeated Southern Peninsula Sharks (47)
Nathan Scollo (McKinnon) 19
Denver Lund (McKinnon) 14
Luke Lyngberg (McKinnon) 13
Corey Hastings (Southern Peninsula) 20
Tarrant Wallace (Southern Peninsula) 10

Pool 1F:

In what could be considered a ‘Group of Death’, three of the four sides are genuine automatic promotion chances. In the tight game, Geelong United won by seven points over Knox Raiders as Olivier Northam (19 points) top scored, though Bailey Nunn (16) put in a great effort for the Raiders. Keilor Thunder also flexed their muscles with a big win over Sunbury Jets, as Cooper Colson (12 points) was the top scorer in that match.

Keilor Thunder (65) defeated Sunbury Jets (31)
Cooper Colson (Keilor) 12
Brodie McWhinney (Keilor) 10
Nikolas Ellul (Keilor) 10
Angus McSwiggan (Sunbury) 10

Geelong United (61) defeated Knox Raiders (54)
Olivier Northam (Geelong) 19
Nicholas Hough (Geelong) 12
Bailey Nunn (Knox) 16
Jordan Anderson (Knox) 15


Pool 1A:

In an all-Dandenong Rangers clash in Pool 1A, things went as one would expect with the first side easily accounting for the second side. Nyadiew Puoch was far too strong, nailing 20 points in a massive 67-32 effort, whilst in the other game, Waverley Falcons claimed a 20-point win over Frankston Blues thanks to Jasmine Connell and Liana Kinkela sharing in 11 points apiece.

Waverley Falcons (42) defeated Frankston Blues (22)
Jasmine Connell (Waverley) 11
Liana Kinkela (Waverley) 11
Elle Schonfelder (Frankston) 6

Dandenong Rangers 1 (67) defeated Dandenong Rangers 2 (32)
Nyadiew Puoch (Dandenong 1) 20
Dallas Loughridge (Dandenong 1) 11
Tahlia Soukup (Dandenong 2) 8

Pool 1B:

In Pool 1B, it was McKinnon Cougars and Keilor Thunder that took away the points on opening night. The Cougars won narrowly over Sunbury Jets, 46-38, as Romy Price put up 15 points for the Cougars, one less than Sunbury’s Maddison Ford (16). The Thunder won 51-30 over Kilsyth Cobras in a comfortable victory, as Tess Heal and Jaz Salon finished with 13 points apiece.

McKinnon Cougars (46) defeated Sunbury Jets (38)
Romy Price (McKinnon) 15
Hannah McGillen (McKinnon) 10
Maddison Ford (Sunbury) 16

Keilor Thunder (51) defeated Kilsyth Cobras (30)
Tess Heal (Keilor) 13
Jaz Salon (Keilor) 13
Gemma Hancock (Kilsyth) 11

Pool 1C:

Knox Raiders and Bulleen Boomers showed themselves to be the clear top two sides in Pool 1C, with Bulleen the most likely to top the group. Tabitha Betson (14 points) was one of three Boomers to hit double-figure points in the 30-point win over Bellarine Storm, whilst Gemma O’Donnell shot 19 in Knox Raiders’ 48-23 triumph over Melbourne Tigers’ second side.

Knox Raiders (48) defeated Melbourne Tigers 2 (23)
Gemma O’Donnell (Knox) 19
Lotus Billington (Melbourne 2) 7

Bulleen Boomers (57) defeated Bellarine Storm (27)
Tabitha Betson (Bulleen) 14
Emily Maltezos (Bulleen) 13
Rebecca Horvat (Bulleen) 10
Aimee Wookey (Bellarine) 7
Alivia Osborne (Bellarine) 7

Pool 1D:

Hawthorn Magic and Diamond Valley Eagles both ran out to solid wins in their respective Pool 1D clashes to start off on the right note. The Eagles defeated Casey Cavaliers 45-32 despite no Eagles’ player scoring double-figure points while Casey’s Dakota Crichton finished with 15 points. In the other match, the Magic were too good for Eltham Wildcats, running out 15-point winners.

Hawthorn Magic 41 defeated Eltham Wildcats 26

Diamond Valley Eagles 45 defeated Casey Cavaliers 32
Genevieve Broadbent (Diamond Valley) 9
Hayley Sparks (Diamond Valley) 9
Dakota Crichton (Casey) 15

Pool 1E:

Bendigo Braves managed to secure a nail-biting one-point win in Pool 1E, defeating Altona Gators 39-38. Caitlin Richardson (14 points) was the top scorer in that match for the Braves, while Cassie Dodemaide put up 11 for the Gators. Melbourne Tigers won the other match in the Pool, accounting for Sandringham Sabres by 12 points.

Bendigo Braves 39 defeated Altona Gators 38
Caitlin Richardson (Bendigo) 14
Phoebe Radford (Bendigo) 10
Cassie Dodemaide (Altona) 11

Melbourne Tigers 33 defeated Sandringham Sabres 21

Pool 1F:

Two one-sided contests in Pool 1F marked a couple of contenders, as Nunawading Spectres showed no mercy on defence against Southern Peninsula Sharks. Only conceding 11 points to the Sharks, the Spectres had a real team contribution on their way to 54 points, with Olivia Morris finishing with 12 in the 43-point triumph. Meanwhile Milly Simpson (13 points) led a Ballarat Rush outfit to a 22-point win over Ringwood Hawks.

Nunawading Spectres 54 defeated Southern Peninsula Sharks 11
Olivia Morris (Nunawading) 12
Ruby Deeprose (Southern Peninsula) 3

Ballarat Rush 47 defeated Ringwood Hawks 25
Milly Simpson (Ballarat) 13
Rosie Todd (Ringwood) 11

Picture: Dandenong Rangers Facebook

2020 MUVJBL U16 Boys/Girls preview: Round 2 – Frankston hosts Bendigo, while Bulleen and Melbourne go head-to-head

ROUND 2 of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16 Boys and Girls Championship Division is set to tip-off tonight with each team looking to claim the early upper hand on the competition and really prove their case as top dog.

MUVJBL U16 Championship Boys

The game of the round could quite possibly be the clash between the first placed Bendigo and second placed Frankston. Both sides flexed their muscles in the opening round of the MUVJBL with convincing wins over their opponents and putting an early target on their backs as the ones to beat. Frankston raced out of the blocks in their 18-point win while Bendigo proved that scoring was no issue racking up a 35-point victory.

Frankston were led by damaging duo Kynan Philippe and Sam Shinsky who highlighted their scoring prowess with 20 and 18 points respectively. Philippe ran into a bit of foul trouble with four, for the game an area he will be hoping to tidy up. They were not the only two to reach the double figure milestone with Brennan Dick chiming in with 11 points to get his side over the line. With a prominent three pronged attack the Blues have a variety of options that can do damage to the scoreboard something they will be hoping they can do in their Round 2 match-up. Both Gabriel Gallego and Jack Macdonald nailed five points apiece and if they can up their ante in this top of the table clash it could be enough to get them over the line.

It was a complete performance from the Braves in Round 1 with a host of players stepping up to the plate and shouldering the load none more than Josiah Pattinson. He was simply unstoppable across the court seeming to have the ball on a string and hitting the scoreboard from anywhere knocking back five three-pointers to go with his three from the field. If he can replicate a similar performance once again this week it will go a long way in securing his side their second win. He was ably assisted by Martin Steen who recorded 19 points with Siologa Sui not far behind on 13 points. If Miles Watson and Darcy Lawler can both hit the scoreboard again they could ruffle some feathers.

Ringwood and Knox will face off with the Hawks hoping to turn the tables on last week’s performance while both Eltham and Southern Peninsula are looking for their first win of the season. Keilor are set to play host to Dandenong with the final game of the round between the undefeated Melbourne and Bulleen set to be an interesting one. In Pool 2 Geelong United and Ballarat face off while the Pacers make the trek to play Nunawading. Pakenham are searching for their second win of the season up against Nunawading 2 with Casey and Kilsyth fighting it out while Sandringham and Hawthorn close out the round.

Pool 1:

Ringwood v. Knox
Eltham v. Southern Peninsula
Frankston v. Bendigo
Keilor v. Dandenong
Melbourne v. Bulleen

Pool 2:

Geelong United v. Ballarat
Nunawading v. Whittlesea
Pakenham v. Nunawading 2
Casey v. Kilsyth
Sandringham v. Hawthorn

MUVJBL U16 Championship Girls

It will be another big round of action in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16s Girls Championship Division with the top sides set to face off and a host of teams searching for their first win of the year.

The battle for prime position on the ladder will be up for grabs in Round 2 of the MUVJBL with the first placed Melbourne taking on Bulleen. Melbourne got an easy 26-point win last week over their secondary team last week while the Boomers made light work of Keilor to run out 19-point victors making for an enthralling contest this round. Both sides have shown that scoring is no issue, able to post hefty totals and most importantly limit their oppositions chance of going to basket. Bulleen are a consistent unit, always looking to do the simple things well while Melbourne have shown that they can be explosive when it comes to the scoreboard pouring on 18 points in the final term last week, something they will be hoping to back up this round.

Expect the Tigers to play with plenty of confidence given their ability to hit the scoreboard easily and more importantly ability to share the shooting load evenly meaning they have a multitude of options. While they did not have, a single player reach double figures last round the Tigers had eight players register five or more points with Amelie Kamberis notching up a team-high nine points, an effort she will be hoping to replicate again this round. Neve Giddey was the next in line with eight points and will be looking to up the ante even more with the likes of Hayley Letts, Camille Letts and Chloe Kamberis also looking to chime in with bigger contributions against Bulleen to get them over the line. If Melbourne can continue their even spread it will give them an edge in the game able to share the ball around and provide a constant threat around the rim.

With a win under their belt and coming off impressive performances last round with 13 and 11 points respectively Lily Carmody and Tabitha Betson will have to go big again, against a strong Melbourne outfit. Carmody did most of her damage from inside the paint sinking five shots from that range but did manage to sneak a three-pointer highlighting her versatility and class across the court. Peyton Burns also plied her trade for the Boomers posting seven points for the match and will be wanting to further improve her scoring stats this round if she is to get her side over the line. Another couple of strong performances from fringe players Lily Amor, Chantal Vitale and Sarita Wright and the Boomers could quite easily topple their higher ranked opponent.

In other matches, Ballarat play host to Kilsyth while the fourth placed Casey are looking for their second straight win when they meet Nunawading. Diamond Valley and Keilor go head-to-head with Keilor hoping to right their wrongs from last round while Melbourne 2 and Bulleen 2 battle it out for bragging rights. In the Ashe Pool, Hawthorn and Sandringham kick the round off with Frankston and Eltham also set to lock horns. Dandenong go to visit Knox in hope of their first win while Waverley takes on the lowly Southern Peninsula. In the final game of the Ashe Pool, Latrobe Energy host Wangaratta with the latter looking for their second win.


Ashe Pool:

Hawthorn v. Sandringham
Frankston v. Eltham
Knox v. Dandenong
Waverley v. Southern Peninsula
Latrobe Energy v. Wangaratta

Watson Pool:

Ballarat v. Kilsyth
Casey v. Nunawading
Diamond Valley v. Keilor
Bulleen v. Melbourne
Melbourne 2 v. Bulleen 2

MUVJBL Under 16 Girls Round 1 review: Sabres hold on in thrilling contest

SANDRINGHAM Sabres have survived an epic contest to defeat Knox Raiders by a point in the opening round of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior basketball League (MUVJL) Under-16 Girls competition. The Sabres got away to a fast start to lead by six at quarter time, but the Raiders clawed their way back to cut the deficit to two at half-time, and one by the final break. An even final quarter resulted in both teams scoring 17 points apiece which meant Sandringham won 59-58 in the match of the round. Hannah Wickstrom led the team in scoring with 14 points, whilst Jaida Reid and Natalia Hordejuk both added 12 points in a strong performance. Knox had a trio of stars as well, with Paige Burrows the standout player on court, sinking 19 points including four three-pointers during the tough loss. Zoe Shaw (16 points) and Gemma O’Donnell (12) were the other two players who had a real impact for the losing side on the night.

The next tightest game was Wangaratta Warriors’ eight-point victory over Frankston Blues at Mill Park. Meeting halfway for the sides to reduce travel for the other, the Warriors were able to earn a lot of chances at the foul line on their way to a 62-54 victory. They had the game comfortably in their control for the most part, leading by 16 at the final break, but the Blues hit back in the last to cut the final margin to eight. The 20-6 free throw points converted was the difference between the sides with Frankston committing 24 personal fouls to 13. Hannah Onley had a match-high 22 points for the winners, recording 10 points from the foul line, while Isabel Whitelaw and Sienna Harvey both dropped 11 points. Mackenzie Mitchell (15 points) and Bonnie Deas (10) were the prominent scorers for the Blues.

At the opposite end of the scale, Hawthorn Magic was far too good for Southern Peninsula Sharks, with the Eltham Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament winners backing up their success with a massive 46-point win in Round 1 of the competition. The Magic restricted the Sharks to just 14 points in three quarters – including a scoreless third term – while piling on 49 points at the same time. An even fourth term stemmed the bleeding, but the Magic were just too strong in the end. Georgia McBean finished with a match-high 22 points including five triples for the Magic, whilst Erinn McAlary had 14 points for her troubles. Kyra Webb was the Sharks top shooter with 10 points on the night. In other results, Waverley Falcons toppled Eltham Wildcats on the road by 16 points thanks to a fast start of 29 points to 15 at the half. Liana Kinkela (20 points), Emily Gough (15) and Olivia Kingston (12) all dominated for the Falcons, whilst Ashley Vee Mrmacovski (nine) was the top scorer for Eltham. The final game of the Ashe Pool saw Dandenong get past Latrobe Energy by 13 points with a 65-52 win at home. Georgia Sewell (16 points) led the way, though there were plenty of contributors for the green and gold such as Millie Kumbara (12), Jessica-Belle Catheray-Harvey (10) and Breanna Granger (10). Jaime Gallatly (17 points) did all she could for the losing side.

In an all-Melbourne battle at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), the Tigers’ first side unsurprisingly came out on top of their second side, 55-29. After an even first term of eight points apiece, the number one side stepped it up a notch to run away with it in the final three terms, scoring 47-21. In an even team performance across both sides showing their depth. No player scored more than nine points, with only Amelie Kamberis achieving that feat, with Neve Giddey and Anouk Bennett just behind on eight. A second side that did have a win was Bulleen Boomers 2, defeating Ballarat Rush at home by nine points. It was a see-sawing contest but in the end the Boomers finished stronger with a 15-9 last term to gain some breathing space. Tahlia Leeson was the standout shooter with 19 points, whilst Laila Lappin sank 11 points in the loss.

Bulleen’s top team also had a good win over fellow contender, Keilor Thunder in a 46-27 win on the road. The Boomers’ defensive work kept the Thunder to no more than 10 points a quarter, including just four points in the first and third terms whilst maintaining a consistent scoring approach on offence. Whilst the Thunder did not have any double-figure points scorers, Lily Carmody (13 points) and Tabitha Betson (11) both had strong performances for the Boomers. Diamond Valley Eagles enjoyed a handy 16-point win against Nunawading Spectres, breaking away in the first half to lead by 19 points at the main break and holding off a determined Spectres side to win 58-42. Talia D’Agostino was ridiculous on the night, putting up a competition-high 37 points including 32 from the field. Natalie Skofic (12 points) and Rebecca Dymalovski (11) did all they could combining seven times from long range, but the Spectres only managed seven successful makes from inside the arc. The final game of the round saw Casey Cavaliers get up in a nine-point win over Kilsyth Cobras. Trailing by two at the final break, Casey stormed home with a 15-4 final term to run over the top of the Cobras on the road. Both teams shared the points around, but Dakota Crichton was the one standout shooter on the court, putting up 17 points in the Cavaliers’ win.

Round 1 results:

Ashe Pool:

Eltham Wildcats (38) defeated by Waverley Falcons (54)
Southern Peninsula Sharks (25) defeated by Hawthorn Magic (71)
Wangaratta Warriors (62) defeated by Frankston Blues (54)
Sandringham Sabres (59) defeated Knox Raiders (58)
Dandenong Rangers (65) defeated Latrobe Energy (52)

Watson Pool:

Nunawading Spectres (42) defeated by Diamond Valley Eagles (58)
Kilsyth Cobras (31) defeated by Casey Cavaliers (40)
Melbourne Tigers (55) defeated Melbourne Tigers 2 (29)
Keilor Thunder (27) defeated by Bulleen Boomers (46)
Bulleen Boomers 2 (64) defeated Ballarat Rush (55)

MUVJBL U16 Girls VC review: Preliminary Finals – Heal takes over

A rematch of the qualifying final between Dandenong Rangers and Keilor Thunder is on the cards for Grand Final night on Friday with both sides advancing through to the decider after big wins in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16 Girls Championship Division preliminary finals.

Diamond Valley Eagles 44 defeated by Dandenong Rangers 46

The Dandenong Rangers bared one of the tightest victories in the finals series with a 46-44 win against the Diamond Valley Eagles. The 17-win side retained their dominance into the championship match-up with one of their lowest scores in recent memory. With 22-all tying up the second half, it was a slow start that brought the Eagles’ downfall (13-9). Despite the low score, Nyadiew Puoch (16) and Grace Montgomery (14) pulled up with fair numbers for Dandenong with Puoch’s efforts moving her to third for points per game (PPG) with 14.1, while Dallas Loughridge trails in sixth (12.8) following a five point performance. Sophie Burrows was the only Eagles player to record double-digits with 10, followed close by Eleanor Bollands and Aeska Ratnayake with nine each.

Keilor Thunder 83 defeated Bulleen Boomers 55

The second of the preliminaries was much more one-sided, with the Keilor Thunder mounting an 83-55 victory over the Bulleen Boomers. Keilor set the tone early in the first, scoring 26-16 before conceding a point in the second (8-9). They carried their efforts well into the second half, recording 17-13 and 32-17 to close out a strong performance. League leader, Tess Heal went to work for the Thunder, recording a game-high 27 points, with Jaz Salon (16) and Bella Peterson (11) providing support at the board. Salon’s game moved her to seventh for PPG (11.3), followed by Peterson in 12th. For the Boomers, Emily Maltezos and Aleisha Cadee rounded out their season well with 10 points each in the loss. Maltezos finishes her season in nineteenth above teammate, Tabitha Betson who managed eight in her final game of the season.

The Championship Division prepares to host the Keilor Thunder and Dandenong Rangers Grand Final next week at the State Basketball Centre, as Diamond Valley and Bulleen close out their season with 14 and 13 wins each.

MUVJBL U16 Girls VC preview: Preliminary finals

THE Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) makes way for the third round of finals this week with the Diamond Valley Eagles set to take on the Dandenong Rangers at Mullum Mullum Stadium and Keilor Thunder looking to cement their spot in the Grand Final when they face Bulleen Boomers at Broadmeadows Stadium.

Diamond Valley Eagles (3rd, 14-4) vs Dandenong Rangers (1st, 17-1)

League-leaders Dandenong Rangers progressed to the preliminaries last week to face the Diamond Valley Eagles. After falling in a shock loss to Keilor two weeks ago, the Rangers worked hard to respond against Sandringham (69-65). The four-point victory came off the back of a big second half – scoring 41-28 after conceding 28-37 in the opening terms. Comparatively, Diamond Valley were at the positive end of an upset in their win over Bulleen (39-53), enjoying a week off during the semi-finals. Genevieve Broadbent stood up in the Eagles’ low scoring finals affair against Bulleen to record a game-high 11 points. Despite only recording five points last fortnight, Eleanor Broadbent remains Diamond Valley’s most consistent shooter – averaging 15 points per game (PPG) in fifteenth across the league. For the Rangers, three players boasts spots inside the top 20. Nyadiew Puoch and Dallas Loughridge sit third and fourth for PPG with 13.9 and 13.6 respectively. Myah Healey holds the twentieth spot with 9.3 PPG from 10 outings.

Keilor Thunder (4th, 13-5) vs Bulleen Boomers (2nd, 13-3-2)

After the biggest MUVJBL upset in the first round of finals, Keilor Thunder look to continue their top form against a similarly damaging Bulleen Boomers. Much like Dandenong, Bulleen fell in the first round against a lower side. In the second round, they returned to form against Ballarat to record a comfortable 15-point win (70-65). Keilor also proved damaging over Dandenong in the week prior – defeating the league-leaders with fair numbers in the second and third terms. Keilor’s Tess Heal and Jaz Salon were at their usual best last fortnight – recording 18 and 12 points respectively. Currently, Heal leads the league in PPG with 17.9, while Salon holds in ninth (10.8) and Bella Peterson follows close in twelfth (10.3). The Boomers boasted huge performances from Tabitha Betson and Emily Maltezos last week, as the paired picked up 19 points each alongside an impressive Kobie Kino (13). Betson currently holds the only top-20 spot for Bulleen, sitting in eighteenth with 9.4 PPG.

MUVJBL U16 Girls VC review: Preliminary Finals – Bulleen and Dandenong earn a second shot

BULLEEN Boomers and Dandenong Rangers have survived tight encounters during the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16 Girls Championship Division semi-finals to advance through to the preliminary finals. The Boomers just got past the Keilor Thunder by five points, while Dandenong’s dominance during the regular season earned it top spot, but the Rangers only just got past a plucky Sandringham Sabres outfit by four points after going down in the qualifying final the week before.

Bulleen Boomers (70) defeated Keilor Thunder (65)

Bulleen would have sighed a breath of relief after just getting past Keilor in a tight semi-final contest. Both Bulleen and Keilor opened with 19 points in the first term, before Bulleen stretched to a three-point lead into half-time. They followed their good work into the third with 24 points to 18 – conceding the fourth (13-17) but finishing comfortably with the win. Tabitha Betson and Emily Maltezos led for the Boomers with 19 points, followed by Kobie Kino on 13. Betson finishes the league in 18th for points per game (PPG). For Ballarat, Rosie Todd stood up well with 14 points, followed by Milly Sharp on 11. Georgia Cox and Milly Simpson finished the season in seventh and 11th for PPG.

Dandenong Rangers (69) defeated Sandringham Sabres (65)

Dandenong has survived an alimighty scare to see off Sandringham in a thrilling semi-final. The Sabres started strongly in the first half to lead the Rangers by 10 points into the main break and almost looking like causing an upset, before the Rangers got back on top with a 41-27 second half to run out narrow winners. It was the 26-point closer which carried the Rangers to their preliminary final. The Rangers continued to take the hard way into finals and do so marginally to progress against Diamond Valley. Dallas Loughridge and Nyadiew Puoch carried themselves well to 20 points each against the Sabres, moving to third and fourth for PPG. Maya Dear and Hannah Wickstrom followed close for the Sabres with 20 and 19 points respectively. Despite the impressive performances from her opponents, Wickstrom closes out the league above in second place for PPG, while Dear finishes in thirteenth.

The Championship Division tips off the Preliminary Finals on Friday night with the Diamond Valley Eagles facing Dandenong Rangers at Mullum Mullum, while the Keilor Thunder come up against the Bulleen Boomers at Broadmeadows.

MUVJBL U16 Girls VC preview: Semi-finals

THE Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16 Girls Championship Division pits the Bulleen Boomers against the Ballarat Rush and the Dandenong Rangers against the Sandringham Sabres for the long awaited semi-finals.

Bulleen Boomers (2nd, 13-3-2) vs Ballarat Rush (7th, 8-10)

The Bulleen Boomers kick things off against Ballarat Rush in Keilor. Last week, the Rush were one of two top two teams to fall in the first week of finals after losing 39-53 against the Diamond Valley Eagles. The Rush will play their second game in Keilor within the fortnight after defeating the Nunawading Spectres there last week (46-56). While effective for Bulleen throughout the year, Ella McIntyre (8.3), Tabitha Betson (8.3) and Emily Maltezos (8.2) all remain outside the top 20 for points per game (PPG). Last week, no Bulleen player managed over 10 points, with Aleisha Cadee leading on eight. For Ballarat, Georgia Cox (20) had a standout game last week. Cox currently leads her side for PPG (11.5), followed next by Milly Simpson on 11.3. With a spot in the preliminaries on the line, the pair are expected to lift.

Dandenong Rangers (1st, 17-1) vs Sandringham Sabres (5th, 11-6-1)

The second semi-final sees the Dandenong Rangers up against the Sandringham Sabres at Batesford Reserve. Despite seeming untouchable all year, the Rangers pulled up short in the qualifiers to lose to Keilor by five points (42-47). Comparatively, the Sabres snared their third consecutive win in their qualifier, defeating the Melbourne Tigers by the second biggest margin of the round (63-50). Nyadiew Puoch has been Dandenong’s most consistent scorer all year with a 13.2 average in fourth place for PPG, and a solid performance in last week’s loss (12). Dallas Loughridge trails close in sixth with 12.9, making Dandenong a real threat in the coming weeks. For Sandringham, second-placed Hannah Wickstrom >remains a force. Last week, Wickstrom led her side to victory with 22 points, accompanied well by Lily Mao, Maya Dear and Jemima O’Toole who all recorded 12 points. Summer Keating and O’Toole round out the top 20 with 10 and 9.9 PPG.

MUVJBL U16 Girls VC review: Round 9 – Dandenong the team to beat

THE Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16 Girls Championship Division finals preview between the Dandenong Rangers and Bulleen Boomers headlined Round 9’s fixture. The 56-41 match-up ended in Dandenong’s favour, leading them to their twelfth consecutive win. Not only did the Rangers top the ladder in, but they also managed to do it undefeated in the post-split division. Despite valiant efforts for three terms, Bulleen’s opener (16-6) made it difficult for them to come back. Though despite their result, Bulleen’s second half (14-13, 10-11) still bodes well for finals. Dallas Loughridge was firing all over the court for Dandenong recording 20 points, followed close by Nyadiew Puoch on 14. The pair finish the regular season in third and fourth for points per game (PPG). For Bulleen, only one player finished on double-digits, with Tabitha Betson hitting 10 ahead of Kiralee Collings and Ella McIntyre who had eight each.

Diamond Valley Eagles earned a second chance in finals following their 60-68 win over the Melbourne Tigers. With three consecutive wins and an even home (7-2-0) and away (7-2-0) record, the Eagles present well for finals regardless of where they play. In the match-up, they opened strong with 25 points. In the second, the Tigers won their first and only term (11-9) before conceding 12-16 and 18-18 to close out the game. Jessica Delbrocco and Teah Reichert were dominant on the floor for Diamond Valley, recording 13 and 12 points respectively. For the Tigers, Hayley Cummings led at the board with 21 points, followed close by Leila Davis on 14. Davis finishes in twelfth for PPG (10.3) across the league, while Diamond Valley finish without a player in the top-20.

In the tightest game of the round, the Keilor Thunder reaped top-four rewards after ending Hawthorn’s finals chances in a 47-52 clash. Up until the final term, Hawthorn looked the more consistent side. They recorded 10 and 13 points in the first half compared with Keilor’s eight and 18. Despite trailing by three at the break, Hawthorn maintained their scoring and took a lead into the final break. Unfortunately, just like in the second, Keilor rose when it mattered and closed out the final term 11-19 to win the game. Overall (161) and PPG (17.9) leader, Tess Heal, closed out her season with a dominant 25 points, followed next by Bella Peterson on 15. For Hawthorn, Amy Ohara starred with 17 points, followed next by Evangeline King on seven. Ohara’s scoring average (11.3) places her in seventh at the regular season’s end.

The Nunawading Spectres enter the finals with a bit of momentum after passing the Ballarat Rush on the table with a 61-49 victory. Typically, a home win is a rare occurrence for the Spectres, having recorded seven of their 10 wins on the road. Comparatively, the Rush finished the league at 5-5 on the road but will have a chance to make a mend as they face Nunawading in the same game next week. In Round 9’s match-up, the Spectres started better, recording 18-7 in the first and 14-7 in the third. These terms would go on to cost Ballarat the game despite tying the second (16-16) and winning the fourth (13-19). Evelyn Curtis and Madison Sinclair were immense for the Spectres, recording 16 and 15 points respectively. For the Rush, Milly Rush led with 15, followed next by Georgia Cox on 13.

The Sandringham Sabres closed out the regular season with a comfortable 51-34 win over the Knox Raiders, collecting a home game in their first elimination final. The win marks the Sabres’ second consecutive win, while the Raiders top off a poor season with their fourth loss in a row. In the first-half, Knox struggled to crack double-digits, recording consecutive six-point terms. They picked up their efforts in the third but lacked Sandringham’s scoring capacity as they closed out trailing by 17 points. Hannah Wickstrom starred for the Sabres, recording 18 points to take herself to second across the league for PPG (14.1). Jemima O’Toole (10) also impressed for Sandringham, while Gemma O’Donnell (10) and Paige Burrows (8) held strong for Knox.

In the Reserve grade, the Bendigo Braves clinched a 49-47 victory over the Eltham Wildcats, Frankston Blues fell 43-45 against the Kilsyth Cobras, and the Waverley Falcons won 46-39 over the Ringwood Hawks. Round 9 continued with Sunbury Jets thrashing the Altona Gators (71-47) and the Bellarine Storm winning a close one over the Southern Peninsula Sharks (48-38).

In the Championship Division, the elimination finals kick off with the Sandringham Sabres hosting the Melbourne Tigers, and Nunawading Spectres hosting the Ballarat Rush. The qualifying finals kick off soon after with the Dandenong Rangers hosting the Keilor Thunder, and the Bulleen Boomers hosting the Diamond Valley Eagles.

MUVJBL U16 Girls VC preview: Round 8

THE top four and top eight are all but set barring disaster for the teams in fourth and eighth, but stranger things have happened in sport and all eyes are on the penultimate round of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-16 Girls Championship Division.

Diamond Valley Eagles (3rd, 12-4) vs. Knox Raiders (15th, 5-9-2)

Knox Raiders are already out of finals contention barring a complete miracle that sees Melbourne drop both games and the Raiders pick up two wins. They have a tough ask up against third placed Diamond Valley Eagles who are very keen to try and grab back a top two spot and play a home final. They must take care of business here and officially rule the Raiders out of the finals race. With a 6-2 record at home, the Eagles are more than comfortable there, while the Raiders are three wins and a draw from eight games on the road. Eleanor Bollands leads the way for Diamond Valley with 11.0 points per game, while Jaida Reid is the highest Knox Raiders’ scorer with 8.2.

Melbourne Tigers (10th, 8-8) vs. Bulleen Boomers (2nd, 12-2-2)

Melbourne Tigers hold the coveted eighth spot on the table in terms of Championship Division sides, but they must pick up at least one win to secure their spot in the finals series. They have one of the toughest challenges this round in Bulleen, with the Boomers out of the running for top spot, but need to keep winning to ensure they maintain second spot – and a home final – given Diamond Valley is just two points behind with a much superior percentage. The Tigers are four wins from seven games at home, while the Boomers have five wins and a draw from seven matches away. The Tigers rely on Amy Kurkowski (12.4 points) and Leila Davis (11.0) as their top scorers, while the Boomers have a mix of shooters including Tabitha Betson (9.7) and Ella McIntyre (9.3).

Dandenong Rangers (1st, 15-1) vs. Ballarat Rush (5th, 10-6)

Dandenong Rangers have a couple of dead rubbers to finish the season, easily 30 per cent clear of second placed Bulleen, even if they dropped both games. They could officially rule out the Rush from making top four with a win here, although given the rush need to recover almost 15 per cent on fourth placed Keilor Thunder in the final two rounds – as well as win both and need the Thunder to lose both – it is a tough ask even without the rough fixture. The Rangers dropped their only game at home in six appearances, while the Rush have five wins from eight games both home and a away. Dandenong Rangers have the biggest spread of shooters up the top-end, as Dallas Loughridge (12.8 points per game), Nyadiew Puoch (12.7) and Myah Healey (12.0) all rank inside the top 10 shooters. For the Rush, Georgia Cox is the dominant scorer with 11.2 points per game just ahead of Milly Simpson (10.6).

Sandringham Sabres (6th, 9-6-1) vs. Keilor Thunder (4th, 12-4)

In arguably the game of the round, fourth placed Keilor Thunder can officially rule out any mathematical chance of missing top four. Better still, they are still in the hunt for second with Bulleen and Diamond Valley both within two points, although percentage is the big difference. The Sabres currently have a home final lined up, but with back-to-back losses and Nunawading having the easier fixture this round, they could drop to seventh and take their fate out of their own hands in the final round. Keilor is strong on the road too with six wins from seven games, while Sandringham have a 50 per cent win-loss ratio at home. Hannah Wickstrom leads the way when it comes to points scorers for the Sabres with 13.4 – ranked second overall, while the only player ahead of her is Tess Heal (Keilor) who has sank a massive 17.7 points per game, while Jaz Salon (12.0) has also been prolific.

Nunawading Spectres (7th, 9-7) vs. Hawthorn Magic (14th, 6-9-1)

In the final game of the round, Nunawading Spectres should be able to take care of Hawthorn Magic, though the Magic still have a mathematical chance of making finals if the Tigers drop both and the Magic can pick up two wins. Taking it one week at a time, the Spectres will be no easy beats, though a 2-5 record a home does not inspire terrific confidence for the home side, especially when the Magic have split their road trips with four wins from eight games. Evie Curtis averages 10.6 points per game for the Spectres, while Olivia Morris is just behind with 10.4, while for the Magic, Amy Ohara has an average of 10.7.