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VJBL U18 Grading Phase Pool 2 wrap: Round 2

ROUND 2 of the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) kicked off over the weekend as a number of teams registered their second straight win to put them in good stead for the next phase of grading. There were a number of close calls with multiple games in both the boys and girls leagues decided by less than five points, while some blowouts also filtered through the results.

U18 Boys

Pool 1A:

Waverley notched up a second straight win in Pool A, defeating Ballarat by 12 points with every single player on their roster hitting the scoreboard. Matthew Jefferson was the topscorer for both sides finishing with 14 points. Pakenham got its first win on the board downing Bulleen in convincing fashion with Lauchlan Mark leading the way with a game-high 20 points.

Ballarat (42) defeated by Waverley (54)

Matthew Jefferson (Waverley) 14
Riley Dunn (Ballarat) 14
Alex Molan (Ballarat) 11

Pakenham (68) defeated Bulleen (55)

Lauchlan Mark (Pakenham) 20
Kaleb Beveridge (Pakenham) 12
Liam George (Bulleen) 10
Henry Ward (Pakenham) 10


Pool 1B:

There was not much separating the sides in Pool B with both matches decided by five points or less, highlighting the high intensity of the games. Sandringham got over the top of Camberwell by four points while Bendigo bypassed Diamond Valley by five points. Harvey Johnston starred for Sandringham with 21 points with a number of supporting roles played while in the Bendigo game it was Oliver Mayman that led the charge.

Sandringham (65) defeated Camberwell (61)

Harvey Johnston (Sandringham) 21
Samuel Veitch (Camberwell) 15
Hudson O’Keefe (Camberwell) 13

Bendigo (59) defeated Diamond Valley (54)

Jensen Miles (Diamond Valley) 14
Oliver Mayman (Bendigo) 13
Jack Miles (Diamond Valley) 11

Pool 1C:

The game between Sandringham and Casey went down to the wire with the end margin a mere two points in favour of Casey. It was a relatively low scoring affair, with neither side willing to give an inch and fighting until the dying seconds. Meanwhile, Whittlesea impressed in its outing against Nunawading.

Sandringham (41) defeated by Casey (43)

Ethan Bolton (Casey) 22
Fred Hayne (Sandringham) 14
Kylan Dsylva (Casey) 9

Nunawading (55) defeated by Whittlesea (62)

Kobe McMechan (Nunawading) 21
Jack Tatter (Whittlesea) 15
Luke Dimopoulos (Nunawading) 13


Pool 1D:

Wyndham managed to get its first win of the season beating Dandenong by nine points rendering them winless after two rounds. In the other game it was Peninsula that toppled Latrobe to sneak home with a six point win. It seemed that 25 was the magic number across both matches with Emmanwiel Deng proving to be prolific for Wyndham with a game-high 25 points while Corey Hastings and Darcy Jones inflicted the same level of scoreboard pain in their efforts for Southern Peninsula.

Wyndham (64) defeated Dandenong (55)

Emmanwiel Deng (Wyndham) 25
Jacob Borg (Wyndham) 13
Lachlan Currie (Dandenong) 11
Jak Morris-Burney (Dandenong) 11

Latrobe (74) defeated by Southern Peninsula (80)

Corey Hastings (Southern Peninsula) 25
Darcy Jones (Southern Peninsula) 25
Kody Tibballs (Latrobe) 24


U18 Girls:

Pool 1A:

Sunbury starred in the outing against Camberwell walking away with a convincing 23-point win while it was a different story in the second Pool A meeting, with only four points separating Altona and Wangaratta. The win marked both Sunbury’s and Altona’s second win of the grading phase, setting them in good stead for their pending clash. 

Camberwell (39) defeated by Sunbury (62)

Erin Condron (Sunbury) 18
Adrienne Cameron (Sunbury) 13
Olivia Ogston (Sunbury) 13

Altona (57) defeated Wangaratta (53)

Hayleigh Frost (Wangaratta) 18
Cassie Dodemaide (Altona) 17
Jade Azzopardi (Altona) 14
Jordyn Commadeur (Wangaratta) 14


Pool 1B:

Eltham made light work of Bulleen claiming a 28-point victory to keep its undefeated streak intact. It was much closer in the other game as Ringwood just snuck home against Bellarine by five points, showcasing the level of intensity both sides brought to the table. Peyton Burns was the standout for Eltham in the win while it was the efforts of Katrina Warton that shone through for Ringwood.

Eltham (71) defeated Bulleen (43)

Peyton Burns (Eltham) 20
Amy Temos (Eltham) 18
Ashley Mrmacovski (Eltham) 14
Chantal Vitale (Bulleen) 13

Bellarine (41) defeated by Ringwood (46)

Katrina Warton (Ringwood) 20
Alivia Osborne (Bellarine) 12
Summer Field (Bellarine) 11


Pool 1C:

Melbourne fell victim to a firing Nunawading seconds side, which run out with a 17-point win after dropping the first game of grading. But that luck did not transpire in the other Nunawading game, with the side edged out by two points thanks to a determined Knox squad. Knox is the only side to sit undefeated in Pool C, putting them in good stead heading into the final round.

Melbourne (38) defeated by Nunawading 2 (55)

Ella Erickson (Nunawading) 16
Natalie Keane (Nunawading) 14
Isabel Bacon (Melbourne) 11

Nunawading (44) defeated by Knox (46)

Evelyn Curtis (Nunawading) 13
Stephanie Georgantas (Nunawading) 11
Abbey-Lee Wood (Knox) 11

Pool 1D:

Kilsyth overcame Dandenong quite comfortably to walk out with a resounding 28-point win as a number of players stepped up to the plate and delivered on the points scoring front. Molly Williams posted 20 points while Gemma Hancock chimed in with 15 to get her side over the line. Bendigo just got over the line in the clash against Korumburra, securing a narrow four-point win thanks to a Caitlin Richardson inspired performance.

Dandenong (46) defeated by Kilsyth (74)

Molly Williams (Kilsyth) 20
Gemma Hancock (Kilsyth) 15
Isabella Vanderwiel (Dandenong) 11

Bendigo (55) defeated Korumburra (51)

Caitlin Richardson (Bendigo) 32
Charlotte Anderson (Korumburra) 16
Phoebe Radford (Bendigo) 10

VJBL U18 Grading Phase Pool 2 wrap: Round 1

THE Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) entered the Grading Phase Pool 2 over the weekend as the teams searched for their first win and eventual ticket to the next phase in the competition. There were a mixed bag of results in both the Under 18 Boys and Girls division with a number of close encounters and blowouts across the league.

U18 Boys

Pool 1A:

Bulleen Boomers kicked things off in style securing a 12-point win over Ballarat with the likes of Amos Harvey and Ethan Wellington combining effortlessly to claim the win. It was much closer in the other game as Waverley worked tirelessly to edge past Pakenham and steal a four point win. Lauchlan Mark was the most dominant figure on the court posting a game-high 20 points despite being on the losing side.

Bulleen Boys 2 (53) defeated Ballarat (41)

Amos Harvey (Bulleen) 15
Ethan Wellington (Bulleen) 14
Ollie McCarthy (Ballarat) 10

Waverley (54) defeated Pakenham (50)

Lauchlan Mark (Pakenham) 20
Matthew Jefferson (Waverley) 13
Sam Haffenden (Waverley) 10
Harvey Moore (Waverley) 10

Pool 1B:

Camberwell made light work of Bendigo Braves, getting comfortably over the top of them by 18 points to start the season on fire. Camberwell shared the points around as five players reached double-figures, with Liam O’Hoy amassing 19 points and leading the way. The other game had a similar outcome with the Eagles flexing their muscles against the Sabres to secure a 32-point win. However, there was somewhat of a shootout between Marley Lambert and Jack Weir as the duo went blow for blow.

Camberwell (85) defeated Bendigo (67)

Liam O’Hoy (Camberwell) 19
Samuel Veitch (Camberwell) 16
Luke McConnon (Camberwell) 14
Josiah Pattinson (Bendigo) 13

Diamond Valley (82) defeated Sandringham (50)

Marley Lambert (Diamond Valley) 20
Jack Weir (Sandringham) 20
Corey Rutherford (Diamond Valley) 17

Pool 1C:

Casey and Sandringham both got the win in their respective matches with both sides impressing in the opening round of grading. Casey ran out with a 20-point win against Nunawading as Blake Shankland impressed with 19 points, while the Sabres powered past Whittlesea by 11 points.

Casey (62) defeated Nunawading (42)

Blake Shankland (Casey) 19
Luke Dimopulous (Nunawading) 14
Ky Taylor (Casey) 12

Whittlesea (50) defeated by Sandringham (61)

Callum Stojanovic (Whittlesea) 20
Jensen Bradtke (Sandringham) 11
Tom Field (Sandringham) 11
Peter Vasilevski (Whittlesea) 11

Pool 1D:

The results in Pool D were relatively close with the biggest winning margin nine points off the hands of Latrobe. Dandenong put the pressure on Latrobe but simply did not have the legs to run with them, as the game got away from them with Finn Boag stepping up to the plate. The other result was decided by a mere four points as Southern Peninsula did enough to sneak past Wyndham and kick things off in style.

Dandenong (56) defeated by Latrobe (65)

Finn Boag (Latrobe) 19
Cody Goonewardene (Dandenong) 17
Kody Tibballs (Latrobe) 14

Southern Peninsula (63) defeated Wyndham (59)

Darcy Jones (Southern Peninsula) 20
Emmanwiel Deng (Wyndham) 17
Corey Hastings (Southern Peninsula) 14


U18 Girls

Pool 1A:

Sunbury claimed the biggest win in Pool A, boasting a 15-point victory while Altona managed to record a five-point win over Camberwell. Wangaratta struggled to get going against Sunbury given their defensive pressure while the battle between Camberwell and Altona did not disappoint with Jacinta Li doing everything humanly possible to keep her side in the hunt with 31 points.

Wangaratta (37) defeated by Sunbury (52)

Maddison Ford (Sunbury) 12
Erin Condron (Sunbury) 11
Maia Roberts (Wangaratta) 9

Altona (51) defeated Camberwell (45)

Jacinta Li (Camberwell) 31
Angelina Vi (Altona) 11
Jade Azzopardi (Altona) 10
Cassie Dodemaide (Altona) 10

Pool 1B:

Eltham pulled off a close one against Bellarine snatching a three-point win to open their campaign while Ringwood reigned supreme over Bulleen. The battle between Eltham and Bellarine brought plenty of excitement as both sides worked in overdrive to create some much needed separation in a hard-fought and closely contested encounter.

Bellarine (38) defeated by Eltham (41)

Ashley Mrmacovski (Eltham) 18
Summer Field (Bellarine) 17
Jessica Del Brocco (Eltham) 10

Ringwood (62) defeated Bulleen (45)

Katrina Warton (Ringwood) 12
Chantal Vitale (Bulleen) 12
Lily Carmody (Bullenn) 10
Ella Grig (Ringwood) 10

Pool 1C:

Nunawading wasted no time getting their first win on the board in the second phase of grading, surpassing Melbourne by 28 points in a comprehensive win. It was not the same story for the other Nunawading side though, as Knox got on top to claim the win by 23 points as a number of players contributed to the scoreboard.

Nunawading (69) defeated Melbourne (41)

Lia Battersby (Melbourne) 17
Olivia Morris (Nunawading) 16
Rebecca Dymalovski (Nunawading) 12

Knox (59) defeated Nunawading 2 (36)

Emma Poon (Nunawading) 13
Gemma O’Donnell (Knox) 12
Zoe Shaw (Knox) 11

Pool 1D:

Bendigo scraped past Dandenong in the second game in Pool D while Kilsyth secured an 11-point win to open their campaign. Kilsyth shared the points around with a number of players hitting the scoreboard in the win while Bendigo were spurred on by Caitlin Richardson who impressed with 20 points to her name.

Korumburra (44) defeated by Kilsyth (55)

Jaime Gallatly (Korumburra) 11
Monai Porykali (Korumburra) 11
Molly Williams (Kilsyth) 10

Bendigo (60) defeated Dandenong (56)

Caitlin Richardson (Bendigo) 20
Ella Johnson (Dandenong) 13
Taylah Rennie (Bendigo) 13

VJBL U18 Grading Phase Pool 1 wrap: Round 2

IN the second round of the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) Grading Phase Pool 1 wrap, teams began to assert themselves in their respective groups, setting up either virtual grand finals, or setting up likely promotion tilts across the Under 18 Boys and Under 18 Girls grades.


Pool 1A:

Whittlesea Pacers grabbed prime position to advance through to the VJBL Championship division with a win over Melbourne Tigers in Round 2. The battle of the two unbeaten sides saw the Pacers win by five points, 50-45, with Jack Tatter having a day out finishing with 26 points. In the battle between the winless sides, Waverley Falcons got up over Wyndham Basketball by 17 points.

Whittlesea Pacers (50) defeated Melbourne Tigers (45)
Jack Tatter (Whittlesea) 26
Oskar Jones (Melbourne) 15
Jack Hrehoresen (Melbourne) 12

Waverley Falcons (59) defeated Wyndham Basketball (42)
Nemuel Soliven (Waverley) 14
Matthew Jefferson (Waverley) 10
Jacob Bord (Wyndham) 14
Emmanwiel Deng (Wyndham) 12


Pool 1B:

In Pool 1B, it was Nunawading who dominated Eltham Wildcats to move to a 2-0 record and edge closer to automatic qualification. Tristan Devers led the way and was one of seven players on the court who reached double-figures, putting up a match-high 22 points in the 73-58 victory. Meanwhile Hawthorn Magic got past Dandenong Rangers’ second side in a tight five-point win.

Dandenong Rangers 2 (45) defeated by Hawthorn Magic (51)
Ned Caldwell (Hawthorn) 15
Denzel Timmons (Hawthorn) 13
Lachlan Currie (Dandenong) 15

Nunawading Spectres (73) defeated Eltham Wildcats (58)
Tristan Devers (Nunawading) 22
Dean Simos (Nunawading) 14
Lucas Koch (Nunawading) 10
Brody Glenn (Eltham) 17
Kristian Ferronato (Eltham) 14
Zahn Agosta (Eltham) 12
Bradley Moorey (Eltham) 11


Pool 1C:

In Pool 1C it was Bulleen who have completely dismantled their second team in as many weeks, destroying Craigieburn Eagles by 53 points to storm to a massive 224.14 per cent. They are 130 per cent more than any other side, and are raging favourites to go ahead. In the other game, Casey Cavaliers got over Diamond Valley Eagles after a loss to Bulleen in week one, to keep their chances of second spot alive.

Diamond Valley Eagles (34) defeated by Casey Cavaliers (44)
Ethan Bolton (Diamond Valley) 13
Blake Shankland (Diamond Valley) 13
Corey Rutherford (Casey) 9

Bulleen Boomers (79) defeated Craigieburn Eagles (26)
Will Rimmington (Bulleen) 13
Max Zalakos (Bulleen) 10
Lochlan Redford (Bulleen) 10
Oliver Slawinski (Bulleen) 10
Kaan Karabulut (Craigieburn) 7


Pool 1D:

Kilsyth Cobras became the sole undefeated side in Pool 1D after a narrow 11-point victory over Frankston Blues. The two winners from Round 1 engaged in a low-scoring affair, but 16 points from Harrison Adams was the standout performance. The other contest was a free-flowing shootout as Dandenong Rangers claimed a vital two-point win over Pakenham Warriors to move up to second overall following the 64-62 triumph.

Dandenong Rangers (64) defeated Pakenham Warriors (62)
Harrison Scott (Dandenong) 13
Coby Burgiel (Dandenong) 11
Noah Suarjaya (Dandenong) 10
Jarred Small (Pakenham) 22
Kaleb Beveridge (Pakenham) 14

Frankston Blues (35) defeated by Kilsyth Cobras (46)
Harrison Adams (Kilsyth) 15
Seth McCubbin (Kilsyth) 12
Cameron Clarke (Frankston) 7


Pool 1E:

McKinnon Cougars are looking good to move into the VJBL Championship Division following an eight-point win over Bendigo Braves. Both sides won in the first week of the competition, and whilst the Cougars had a lower percentage, they were able to get the job done against the Braves in a 51-43 effort. In the other match, Southern Peninsula Sharks made sure they were a win away from dropping to the next group stage, defeating Eltham Wildcats’ second team by 11 points.

McKinnon Cougars (51) defeated Bendigo Braves (43)
Denver Lund (13)
Luke Lyngberg (10)
Lachlan Somerville (17)

Eltham Wildcats 2 (43) defeated by Southern Peninsula Sharks (54)
Darcy Jones (Southern Peninsula) 15
Corey Hastings (Southern Peninsula) 13
Tarrant Wallace (Southern Peninsula) 11
Anthony Prestia (Eltham) 14


Pool 1F:

Rounding out the Pools was 1F, where Geelong United dominated Sunbury Jets to take control in the sixth group. United won 66-31 in a one-sided performance where Olivier Northam and Jamie Bottrell scored the same amount as the entire Sunbury side. In the other max, Knox Raiders grabbed their first win with a victory over Keilor Thunder, getting up by 18 points.

Sunbury Jets (31) defeated Geelong United (66)
Olivier Northam (Geelong) 16
Jamie Bottrell (Geelong) 15
Jet Kneebone (Geelong) 11
David Angove (Sunbury) 9

Knox Raiders (46) defeated Keilor Thunder (28)
Beau Tranter (Knox) 11
Fraser Roxburgh (Knox) 11
Cooper Colson (Keilor) 9

U18 Girls:

Pool 1A:

The two standout teams have been decided in Pool 1A, setting up a virtual grand final to determine which side automatically qualifies for the VJBL Championships. Dandenong Rangers’ first side was too good for Frankston Blues, winning by 14 points to secure their second win of the group stage, while the Rangers’ second side fell again, this time to an inspired Waverley Falcons outfit by 33 points. It means the winner of the Falcons and Rangers 1 side tonight, automatically qualifies.

Dandenong Rangers 2 (27) defeated by Waverley Falcons (60)
Liana Kinkela (Waverley) 18
Emily Gough (Waverley) 14
Alana Poulton (Dandenong) 7

Dandenong Rangers 1 (42) defeated Frankston Blues (28)
Dallas Loughridge (Dandenong) 13
Zoe Harvey (Frankston) 10


Pool 1B:

Despite being a couple of lower-scoring encounters, Keilor Thunder and McKinnon Cougars have set up a virtual grand final in the third round of the group stage tonight. The Thunder accounted for Sunbury Jets 49-38 as Tess Heal was the star with 19 points, while the Cougars won in a low-scoring thriller, 25-20 to keep themselves in contention for automatic promotion.

Keilor Thunder (49) defeated Sunbury Jets (38)
Tess Heal (Keilor) 19
Erin Condron (Sunbury) 9

Kilsyth Cobras (20) defeated by McKinnon Cougars (25)
Tayja Maki (Kilsyth) 5
Romy Price (McKinnon) 6


Pool 1C:

After losing their first game last week, Bellarine Storm bounced back to record a 12-point win over Melbourne Tigers thanks to 12 points from Alivia Osborne being the difference. Meanwhile Bulleen Boomers have put themselves in pole position to claim the automatic qualification spot after a 43-30 victory over fellow first round winners Knox Raiders, with Tabitha Betson (17 points) being the standout shooter.

Bellarine Storm (31) defeated Melbourne Tigers (19)
Alivia Osborne (Bellarine) 12
Taliyah Gomez-Sankari (Melbourne) 6

Bulleen Boomers (43) defeated Knox Raiders (30)
Tabitha Betson (Bulleen) 17
Paige Burrows (Knox) 10


Pool 1D:

Diamond Valley Eagles moved to two wins from two games in Pool 1D, fending off Hawthorn Magic in what has shaped as the most even group of the lot. The Eagles won against the Magic by just four points to go outright top of the table, as Sophie Burrows starred with 19 points. In the other game, Casey Cavaliers bounced back from a week one loss to win 41-33 over Eltham Wildcats, credit to Dakota Crichton‘s 18 points.

Diamond Valley Eagles (41) defeated Hawthorn Magic (37)
Sophie Burrows (Diamond Valley) 19
Genevieve Broadbent (Diamond Valley) 11
Isabel Whitelaw (Hawthorn) 10
Amy O’Hara (Hawthorn) 10

Casey Cavaliers (41) defeated Eltham Wildcats (33)
Dakota Crichton (Casey) 18
Jessica Del Brocco (Eltham) 13


Pool 1E:

In another tight group, Melbourne Tigers moved to two wins from two games by defeating Altona Gators in a thrilling five-point game. Despite Aseka Ratnayake‘s 18 points for the losers, the Tigers triumphed to move to the top of the group. In the other match, Sandringham Sabres bounced back from a loss in week one to cruise to a 24-point victory over Bendigo Braves, 45-21.

Altona Gators (37) defeated by Melbourne Tigers (42)
Hayley Cumming (Melbourne) 14
Leila Davis (Melbourne) 12
Aseka Ratnayake (Altona) 18

Bendigo Braves (21) defeated by Sandringham Sabres (45)
Jaida Reid (Sandringham) 13
Caitlin Richardson (Bendigo) 10


Pool 1F:

In the final group, the two standout sides have emerged, setting up a virtual grand final tonight. Nunawading Spectres and Ballarat Rush both side undefeated from two games after notching up another couple of wins. In the tighter game, the Spectres won by four points over a gallant Ringwood Hawks, while the Rush had a much easier time, accounting for Southern Peninsula Sharks, 66-27 with Georgia Cox‘s 17 points the standout game.

Ringwood Hawks (40) defeated by Nunawading Spectres (44)
Olivia Morris (Nunawading) 10
Katrina Warton (Ringwood) 16

Ballarat Rush (66) defeated Southern Peninsula Sharks (27)
Georgia Cox (Ballarat) 17
Rosie Todd (Ballarat) 14
Rebecca Rylance (Southern Peninsula) 9

MUVJBL U16 Boys review: Surprise results fail to shift top five sides

DESPITE some surprising results in the final round of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under 16 Boys championship division, the top five teams in each pool at the start of Round 9 were the teams to advance through to the next stage. Everything was all but certain barring a massive win and a heavy loss in the Watson Pool, but that did not happen and the top 10 sides moved through to the championship division, while the bottom 10 sides head off to the Reserve division.

Ashe Pool:

Knox Raiders 51 defeated by Bendigo Braves 71
Southern Peninsula Sharks 55 defeated by Keilor Thunder 73
Whittlesea Pacers 47 defeated by Diamond Valley Eagles 58
Dandenong Rangers 77 defeated Latrobe Energy 58
Eltham Wildcats 2 defeated by Nunawading Spectres 78

With the top five done and dusted heading into the final round, all eyes turned to the top-of-the-table clash between Knox Raiders and Bendigo Braves. The Raiders were yet to lose, and could not be knocked out of top spot, but it did not deter the Braves who claimed a bragging-rights win, 71-51. Macey Eaton dominated with 33 points for the Braves, while Jordan Anderson continued his good season form with 16 for the Raiders. Dandenong Rangers head into the championship division full of confidence on the back of four straight wins, including a victory over fifth placed Latrobe Energy. Jerome Pierre (24 points) and Dennis Ameti (22) were dominant for the Rangers, while Coby Burgiel (26) and Jack Hrehoresen (16) were also impressive in some of the top shooters in the competition going head-to-head. Meanwhile Keilor Thunder also headed into the next stage with confidence, defeating Southern Peninsula Sharks, 73-55. Cooper Colson sank 26 points for the Thunder, marginally shading the Sharks’ Darcy Jones (22). In other results, Diamond Valley Eagles defeated Whittlesea Pacers by 11 points, as Corey Rutherford scored 11 himself in the win, while Matthew Ryan (13) topscored for the Pacers. Nunawading Spectres also upset Eltham Wildcats 2 for the Spectres second win of the season, triumphing in an impressive 78-60 win. Tristan Devers (24 points), Dean Simos (22) and Jose Fakalata (20) all combined to outscore the Wildcats, while Brody Glenn (22) was the top scorer for the losing side.

Watson Pool:

Hawthorn Magic 75 defeated Melbourne Tigers 73
Pakenham Warriors 59 defeated Casey Cavaliers 49
Kilsyth Cobras 70 defeated by Bulleen Boomers 84
Sunbury Jets 52 defeated by Waverley Falcons 61
Eltham Wildcats 57 defeated Geelong Supercats 50

Of the sides most unlucky to miss out on a spot, Hawthorn Magic notched up four wins in the season to just miss out on on a top five spot. They defeated Melbourne Tigers in the final round to ensure they finished out right sixth, winning 75-53. Ned Caldwell scored with 18 points and was one of five players in the Magic line-up to record double-figure point tallies, while Fred Hayne also scored 18 points in Melbourne’s loss. It was a lot closer than they would have liked, but the Falcons secured fifth spot with the much-needed win over bottom of the ladder, Sunbury Jets. The Falcons won 61-52, with Nemuel Soliven leading the way with 20 points, while David Angove and Isaac Fofana both scored 12 for the Jets. Ninth placed Kilsyth Cobras came agonisingly close to causing the upset of the season against the undefeated Bulleen Boomers. Trailing by just two points at half-time, the Cobras stayed with the Boomers for the most part, but Bulleen’s class shone through with a 46-34 second half to be the difference. Marcel Haj posted a game-high 25 points for the winners, while Daniel Poelsma (17) and Will Rimmington (16) also got amongst the points, as did Kilsyth’s Harrison Adams (19). In other results, Eltham Wildcats stole second spot off Geelong Supercats courtesy of a 57-50 victory. Kristian Ferronato (19 points) did all the damage, while Geelong had a two-prong attack with Jamie Ryan (17) and Jet Kneebone (16) reaching double figures in defeat. Meanwhile Pakenham Warriors secured another win with a 10-point victory over Casey Cavaliers. The Warriors shared the points around in the 59-49 win, with Jak Morris-Burney (14 points) leading the way, while Archer McMenamin (10) reached double figures for Casey.

MUVJBL U16 Boys review: Bulleen, Knox last two undefeated sides

BULLEEN Boomers and Knox Raiders are the teams to beat in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under 16 Boys championship division. Both sides sit atop of their respective pools, coming off big wins last Friday night.

Ashe Pool:

Bendigo Braves 57 defeated by Southern Peninsula Sharks 66
Nunawading Spectres 50 defeated by Diamond Valley Eagles 68
Dandenong Rangers 58 defeated Eltham Wildcats 2 43
Latrobe Energy 48 defeated Keilor Thunder 43
Knox Raiders 68 defeated Whittlesea Pacers 36

Knox Raiders were far too good for Whittlesea Pacers in a top-verse-bottom clash. The Raiders kept Whittlesea to just 20 points by three quarter time, having piled on 48 themselves in the opening three terms. The last term saw the home side ease up a bit as the Pacers scored 16 points to 20, although the Raiders still comfortably won, 68-36. Blake Stratton led the way for Knox with 18 points, while Jordan Anderson shot 15. For the Pacers, Matthew Ryan was again the standout shooter, sinking 12 points in a losing team. Meanwhile Latrobe Energy moved into second courtesy of a 48-43 victory over Keilor Thunder. The win meant the Energy moved a game clear of the Thunder with a 5-2 record. Coby Burgiel was simply sensational once again, sinking 28 points, while Brodie McWhinney (14) and Cooper Colson (13) did all they could for the Thunder.

The upset of the round was seventh placed Southern Peninsula Sharks winning against the second placed Bendigo Braves, relegating the Braves to third on the table with the 66-57 win. With scores level at half-time, the Sharks piled on 17 points to 10 in the third term, and then 23-21 in the final quarter to record a nice nine-point win. Darcy Jones sank 23 points in the victory, while Michael Kiraly was the top scorer for the braves with 12. In other games, Jerome Pierre‘s 21 points helped Dandenong Rangers to a 15-point win over Eltham Wildcats 2 despite being behind at half-time. The Rangers scored 36 points to 20 in the second half to run over the top of the Wildcats, with Brody Glenn (12 points) the top scorer for the losers. Diamond Valley Eagles also secured a much needed win, defeating Nunawading Spectres to gain some breathing space on the bottom two teams. Luis Obamwonyi sank 15 points, Corey Rutherford managed 14 and Jackson Harding finished with 12 in a dominant display for the Eagles, while Lucas Koch (16) was the top scorer for the Spectres in the 68-50 loss.

Watson Pool:

Casey Cavaliers 48 defeated by Waverley Falcons 80
Pakenham Warriors 39 defeated by Eltham Wildcats 64
Melbourne Tigers 69 defeated Sunbury Jets 36
Geelong Supercats 57 defeated by Bulleen Boomers 77
Hawthorn Magic 65 defeated Kilsyth Cobras 41

In the Watson Pool, Bulleen Boomers set a statement to the competition with a stunning 20-point crushing win over second placed Geelong Supercats to move three points clear on top of the pool’s table. Daniel Poelsma led the way with 23 points in the 77-57 win, while Will Rimmington (12) and Cooper Ferdinando (11) were also productive. The Supercats had their fair share of scorers too, with four players reaching double figures, led by Jamie Ryan (17 points). Pakenham Warriors went down for the first time this season, suffering a shocking 25-point defeat at the hands of Eltham Wildcats. The Wildcats drew within a point of the Warriors on the ladder, and also stopped Pakenham from going outright second. Zahn Agosta (12 points) was one of four players to reach double figures, something no Pakenham player was able to do in the 64-39 loss.

Waverley Falcons gave themselves a nice percentage boost, dominating Casey Cavaliers over four quarters to win 80-48. Nemuel Soliven (16 points), Harvey Moore (14) and David Amum (14) were terrific in the victory, while Ky Taylor (17) tried hard in the loss. Melbourne Tigers also enjoyed a smashing, dismantling Sunbury Jets, 69-36 including a 22-1 final term. Samuel Tanasic scored 19 points and Ihsaan Bongso shot 17 for the Tigers, while Ryder Rousch was the sole scorer in double figures for the Jets with 12. In the other game, Hawthorn Magic gained a much-needed 65-41 victory over Kilsyth Cobras. Denzel Timmons (19 points) and Ned Caldwell (14) were the dominant shooters for the Magic, while Zachary Fitzpatrick (12) was the top shooter for the Cobras in defeat.

MUVJBL U16 Boys review: Boomers and Raiders make statements

THERE might have been a school holidays break, but Bulleen Boomers and Knox Raiders continue to be the leading sides in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under 16 Boys championship division. The Raiders accounted for Keilor Thunder in a 61-point win in the Ashe Pool, while the Boomers sent Sunbury Jets packing in a 50-point victory. Competition leading points scorer, Jordan Anderson was on fire for the Raiders, sinking 38 points, while Tejaye Kleverkamp scored 22. For the Boomers, Marcel Haj scored 25 points, and was one of six players who reached double figures in the win.

Elsewhere in the Ashe Pool saw Bendigo Braves moved into second spot, but not without a massive challenge from Nunawading Spectres. The Braves got home by two points, with Liam O’Brien (14 points) and William King (13) leading the way, while Tristan Devers sank 20 for the Spectres. Dandenong Rangers got their season back on track with an easy 74-48 victory over cellar dwellers, Whittlesea Pacers. Jerome Pierre was on fire with 28 points, while Adrian D’Intinosante was the top scorer for the Pacers.

Similarly, Southern Peninsula Sharks also got back on the winners board with a 53-43 win over Diamond Valley Eagles. Darcy Jones scored 14 points, well aided by teammate Ben Fisher‘s 12. For the Eagles, Jackson Harding (14) and Corey Rutherford (10) were the key scorers. In the other game in the pool, Latrobe Energy got the points against Eltham Wildcats 2, winning 54-46. Coby Burgiel (21 points) continued his good form, while Koby Tibballs (17) was just as impressive for the winners, while Brody Glenn (13) and Ryan Sizeland (12) stood up in defeat.

Ashe Pool:

Southern Peninsula Sharks 53 defeated Diamond Valley Eagles 43
Eltham Wildcats 2 46 defeated by Latrobe Energy 54
Dandenong Rangers 74 defeated Whittlesea Pacers 48
Knox Raiders 102 defeated Keilor Thunder 61
Nunawading Spectres 62 defeated by Bendigo Braves 64

In the four other Watson Pool games, each match was decided by between 10 and 12 points. Geelong Supercats and Pakenham Warriors both kept up their unbeaten run, defeating Melbourne Tigers and Kilsyth Cobras respectively. Jamie Ryan (20 points) was the top scorer for the Supercats, while James McCombe was the sole double-figure scorer for the Tigers. Pakenham’s Jak Morris-Burney (20 points) and Drue Maher (14) led the way, while Harrison Adams top-scored for the Cobras with 10.

Casey Cavaliers produced the upset of the season to down Eltham Wildcats away by 10 points. Blake Shankland was superb with 20 points, while Anton Stratov sank 13 for the Wildcats. In the other game, Waverley Falcons moved into outright fifth by downing Hawthorn Magic, 70-60. David Amum scored 18 points in the victory, while Ned Caldwell did all he could for the Magic with 20.

Watson Pool:

Geelong Supercats 65 defeated Melbourne Tigers 54
Hawthorn Magic 60 defeated by Waverley Falcons 70
Pakenham Warriors 60 defeated Kilsyth Cobras 48
Sunbury Jets 49 defeated by Bulleen Boomers 99
Eltham Wildcats 47 defeated by Casey Cavaliers 57

MUVJBL Under 16 Boys weekend preview: Round 2

IN the second round of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under 16 Boys competition, teams head back to the court after results that featured a draw, some tight contests and some impressive wins from Round 1.

Ashe Pool:

Dandenong Rangers (9th, 0-1) vs. Nunawading Spectres (6th, 0-1)
Southern Peninsula Sharks (4th, 1-0) vs. Knox Raiders (5th, 1-0)
Eltham Wildcats 2 (7th, 0-1) vs. Bendigo Braves (1st, 1-0)
Diamond Valley Eagles (10th, 0-1) vs. Latrobe Energy (3rd, 1-0)
Whittlesea Pacers (8th, 0-1) vs. Keilor Thunder (2nd, 1-0)

Of the five games in the Ashe Pool, the fourth against fifth clash stands out. Southern Peninsula Sharks host Knox Raiders in a battle of the sides that won by four points in the opening round. Darcy Jones posted 16 points for the Sharks in their first round victory, while Jordan Anderson‘s 28 points against Nunawading Spectres proved to be the difference, and was the second most points scored for the round. Coby Burgiel was the only shooter above 30 points, sinking 31 for Latrobe Energy in Round 1, and will be looking for an equally impactful game against bottom-of-the-table Diamond Valley Eagles.

In other games, Dandenong Rangers host Nunawading Spectres, top-of-the-table Bendigo Braves travel to face Eltham Wildcats 2, and eighth placed Whittlesea Pacers look to get on the board against second placed Keilor Thunder.

Watson Pool:

Kilsyth Cobras (5th, 0-0-1) vs. Waverley Falcons (7th, 0-1)
Sunbury Jets (9th, 0-1) vs. Hawthorn Magic (8th, 0-1)
Pakenham Warriors (3rd, 1-0) vs. Geelong Supercats (2nd, 1-0)
Eltham Wildctas (4th, 1-0) vs. Melbourne Tigers (10th, 0-1)
Bulleen Boomers (1st, 1-0) vs. Casey Cavaliers (5th, 0-0-1)

In the Watson Pool, Pakenham Warriors and Geelong Supercats go head-to-head in a second versus third clash tonight. Kayne Taylor finished Round 1 with 19 points for the Warriors, while Jamie Ryan and Oliver Northam shared the points in Geelong’s opening round victory, scoring 14 points apiece. Top-of-the-table Bulleen Boomers host mid-table side, Casey Cavaliers in another intriguing clash. The Cavaliers were forced to split the points with Kilsyth Cobras in a 49-all draw last week. The Boomers were impressive in a 24-point victory over Melbourne Tigers. Will Rimmington was the top scorer for the Boomers with 15 points, while Blake Shankland scored 18 for Casey.

In other games, Kilsyth Cobras hope to get the full points this round in a home game against Round 1 losers, Waverley Falcons; Sunbury Jets and Hawthorn Magic go head-to-head in hope of gaining their first wins for the season, while fourth placed Eltham Wildcats hope to make it back-to-back victories against cellar dwellers, Melbourne Tigers.

MUVJBL U16 Boys: Crossover Round 2 Review

POOLS are taking shape after Round 2 of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under 16 boys AA division, with second spot open across each group as sides do battle to secure qualification to the elite division.

Pool 1:

McKinnon (54) defeated Latrobe (41)
Frankston (50) defeated by Kilsyth (62)

A mid-table qualification battle is set to carry into Round 3 in Pool 1 as Round 1 losers, McKinnon managed to topple second-placed Latrobe to go level on points with its weekend rival. The Cougars powered to a 13-point victory and now stand a decent chance to progress should they win again in the final round. Their opponents in that game, Frankston will make it anything but easy though, with the Blues showing improved form as they went down to top side, Kilsyth at home. McKinnon’s Denver Lund was huge with 17 points to lead the scoring, with Luke Lyngberg backing up his 11 Round 1 points to net 12 this time around. Jack Hrehorensen and Coby Burgiel also backed up well for Latrobe after a combined 29 points last week, sinking 12 apiece to lead the way in a losing effort. Meanwhile, pool leader Kilsyth continued its winning run, downing bottom side, Frankston by 12 points to secure qualification. While Harrison Adams is proving a consistent contributor after downing another 12 points, Zach Fitzpatrick and Will Ellis were big improvers from Round 1 as they claimed 13 and 11 points respectively in the win. Frankston had a nicely even spread of scorers, with Liam Atkinson‘s 11 topping their charts, followed by Lachlan Jensen and Tarrant Wallace on nine each. The Blues will not have much on the line as they host a hungry McKinnon in Round 3, but Latrobe faces the tough task of toppling 2-0 Kilsyth to earn progression.


Pool 2:

Geelong (60) drew with Bulleen 2 (60)
Pakenham (63) defeated Sandringham (58)

The competition’s first draw was produced in Pool 2, as second and third battled to 60 points apiece to open Round 2, while Pakenham claimed a second win to soar clear at the top. Hosts Geelong shared the points with Bulleen 2 in the mid-table thriller, with Jet Kneebone netting 15 points for the Supercats alongside Harry Den Dryver (13 points) and Olivier Northam (11). Boomer Samuel Natoli had a game-high 17 points to lead the charge for his side, aided by Oliver Slawinski (16 points) and Ethan Wellington (11) in a free-flowing affair. In another tight contest, Pakenham sealed qualification with a five-point win over Sandringham at home. An impressive four players reached double-figures for the Warriors, with Jarred Small and Kobe Wilson sinking 12 each, while Zachary McLean and Lachlan Smith had 10. Aiden McCarthy backed up from a good outing last week with 13 points for the Sabres, while Flynn Gaywood came in and downed 10 in his first group game. With Pakenham and Geelong playing off for first place next week, Bulleen could benefit and jump into a qualification spot with a win over Sandringham in what looks like one of the more even pools.


Pool 3:

Camberwell (62) defeated by Southern Peninsula (67)
Werribee (43) defeated Sunbury (39)

Three teams could finish Pool 3 with two wins after Round 3, with every side bar-Camberwell claiming wins after two games. It was a close call for ladder-leaders Southern Peninsula, as the Sharks overcame the bottom-placed Dragons by five points on Friday night. Darcy Jones and Ben Fisher again bore a most of the scoring load with 14 points each, while Corey Hastings improved on his Round 1 output with 12 points for Southern Peninsula. Sam Veitch (16 points) was again important for their opponents, supported by Liam O’Hoy (12 points) and Lochlan Redford (10). In the round’s other game, Werribee got on the board with a close win over its nearest rivals, Sunbury in a low-scorer. Feloni Ngata downed a game-high 11 points for the Devils, with Mitchell Smith‘s eight the next best for their side. For Sunbury, both Ryder Rousch and David Angove netted 10 points each as the only Jets to reach double digits. Werribee looks likely to proceed alongside Southern Peninsula as it hosts bottom-side Camberwell in Round 3, but could hit a snag given the closeness of the group. Meanwhile, the Sharks host Sunbury and will set them a difficult task in getting out of the group to see out proceedings.


Pool 4:

Diamond Valley 2 (29) defeated by Whittlesea (44)
Keilor (77) defeated Dandenong 2 (47)

With Keilor having all-but secured promotion and Diamond Valley 2 at the bottom, a battle for second spot is set to take place after Round 2 proceedings in Pool 4. The Thunder produced the biggest margin of the round in the top of the table clash, trouncing Dandenong by 30 points in an awesome scoring display. It was a slightly different story in the clash between Diamond Valley 2 and Whittlesea, with the bottom side managing just 29 points to the Pacers’ 44 as they were ruled out of contention. The Eagles now host a red-hot Keilor side, while Dandenong 2 and Whittlesea will battle it out for second place to close out the round in what should be a cracker.

MUVJBL U16 Boys: Crossover Round 1 Review

ROUND 1 of the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) Under 16 boys Crossover group stage threw up a couple of lopsided results across each pool, with the biggest margin blown out to 32 points out of Pool 1, while the tightest game was decided by four points in Pool 3 as the ladders take their initial shape. Teams are looking to finish atop their group to qualify for the MUVJBL Championship division, while second and third placed sides will face a knockout match to qualify.

Pool 1:
Kilsyth (78) defeated McKinnon (46)
Latrobe (67) defeated Frankston (55)

Pool 1’s opening round results threw up an early favourite for top spot, while a battle for the second qualifying position looks to be one that may be more hotly contested. Kilsyth came up big with a comfortable 32-point win over McKinnon, scooting the hosts to the top of the standings after their first AA division outing. Wyatt Stewart was the star for the Cobras, netting 18 points alongside Seth Mccubbin (13) and Harrison Adams (11) for the winners, with Callum Hankin (12) and Luke Lyngberg (11) top scoring for McKinnon. Meanwhile, Latrobe took home the points against Frankston, with the travelling side not having enough to overcome the regional side, pitting them in third. Kody Tibballs had 19 points for the Energy, with Coby Burgiel sinking 15 and Jack Hrehoresen, 14. Frankston’s Jesse Lans had a day out with a game-high 23 points, while Tarrant Wallace contributed 10. The Blues host a red-hot Kilsyth in Round 2, with McKinnon fronting up against La Trobe in hope of securing a win and entering the race for second.


Pool 2:
Bulleen 2 (59) defeated by Pakenham (65)
Sandringham (40) defeated by Geelong (59)

In Pool 2, Pakenham secured a solid away win at Bulleen against the Boomers’ second side, edging their opponents by six points to slot into second. Drue Maher was the highest scorer in an even team spread with 16, while Jak Morris-Burney downed 12 and Jarred Small had 10 for the Warriors. Three players did the majority of the scoring for the home side, with Matthew Robinson (20 points) leading Oliver Slawinski (12) and Sebastian Cox (11). First place is occupied by Geelong though after the Supercats downed Sandringham by 19 points in another away win. Jamie Ryan was instrumental for Geelong with 15 points with Olivier Northam sinking 12 as the only other to break double digits. Aiden McCarthy bettered Ryan by a point for his 16, while Earl Delahunty (eight points) was Sandringham’s next best. Like in Pool 1, Round 2 will see the two sides searching for their first W meet those who have already notched a set of three points in a weekend that could decide the Pool’s standings with a game still to play. Geelong will play host to Bulleen 2 with eyes on maintaining its solid percentage, while the Sabres travel to Pakenham – meaning the two bottom sides will have to search for their first wins away from home in a make-or-break round.


Pool 3:
Sunbury (57) defeated Camberwell (53)
Southern Peninsula (62) defeated Werribee (52)

The tightest of the four pools at this stage, Pool 3 threw up a couple of close results with each of the home sides coming up clutch to edge over the line. It was also a round of big performances, with three players netting over 20 points for their sides. Southern Peninsula earned first spot with its 10-point win over Werribee as Darcy Jones proved the difference, and some, with his dominant 34-point display. Given Jones sunk more than half of his side’s score, Ben Fisher (13 points) was the only other one to clock double digits. Matthew Stephenson was the Devils’ best with his 20 points, as Jack Fletcher (nine) was the only other to notch over five points and get close to him. Sunbury also managed to sneak over the line against Camberwell, with three players doing the damage for the hosts. Ryder Rousch finished with 20 points alongside Israel Wilkins (11) and Rhys Davey (eight) for the winners. The Dragons had more of an even spread as Samuel Wise top scored with 16, while Sam Veitch (11), Hudson O’Keeffe (eight) and Lochlan Redford (seven) also contributed. Camberwell now faces the steep task of overcoming Jones and his Sharks albeit at home, while Werribee’s clash with Sunbury should be a belter as the Devils search for their first AA division win and Sunbury hope to secure qualification.


Pool 4:
Whittlesea (47) defeated by Keilor (61)
Dandenong 2 (51) 
defeated Diamond Valley 2 (44)

Keilor lead the pack in Pool 4 after accounting for hosts, Whittlesea in Mill Park to open the round. Boosted to the top of the table, the Thunder will like their chances of advancing after putting a decent total on the board. Brodie McWhinney led the way with 16 points for the winners, with Cooper Colson‘s 12 points also proving handy. Meanwhile, Matthew Ryan provided a lone hand for the Pacers with 24 points, almost exactly half of his side’s total as he was not to be outdone. In Dandenong, the Rangers’ second team got home by seven points against Diamond Valley in a tighter affair. Bowen Johnston (14 points), Jaxon Sliwinski (14) and Austin Rapp (11) shared the load for the home side, while Noah Gorgievski (10), Marley Lambert (nine), Sam Tyrrell (eight) and Hunter Somerville (seven) made up a good spread in the Eagles’ losing effort. Round 2 will see Diamond Valley host Whittlesea in a game to see who can get off the mark, while the two Round 1 winners face off in Keilor as the top two race hots up.