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MUVJBL U18 Girls VC preview: Semi-finals

THE Under-18 Girls Semi-Finals kick off in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Championship Division this week with Dandenong Rangers facing the Bendigo Braves and the Nunawading Spectres facing Southern Peninsula Sharks. The Bulleen Boomers and the Knox Raiders enjoy a week off with the Preliminary Finals just over a week away.

Dandenong Rangers (3rd, 12-6) vs Bendigo Braves (6th, 11-7)

The first semi-final kicks off in Broadmeadows with the Dandenong Rangers facing the Bendigo Braves. Last week, the Rangers fell three points short against Knox Raiders, conceding 19-10 in the fourth for the biggest margin all game. In Sunbury, Bendigo proved better over Diamond Valley (77-64). In their last meeting with Dandenong, they walked away two-point victors, and with only one win separating them, stand a fair chance to repeat. Elly Morgan (15 points) stood tall in the last week’s loss against Knox, alongside fellow NBL1 representatives Kodie Myszka (11) and Hannah Rapp (10). On the points per game (PPG) leaderboard, Emily Sewell currently leads for Dandenong with 12.5, followed next by Morgan on 10.4. The Braves will look to top-five scorer, Piper Dunlop (15.8 PPG) to maintain form, having scored 23 points alongside Meg McCarthy (23) in last week’s victory. Tess Barnes also remains a threat with a 13.8 average – in ninth for PPG.

Nunawading Spectres (4th, 12-6) vs Southern Peninsula Sharks (8th 9-9)

The Nunawading Spectres and Southern Peninsula Sharks close out the other semi-final in Dandenong. The Spectres came up short last week against Bulleen (53-46), collecting their fourth consecutive loss. Comparatively, the Sharks managed to snare their fourth win in a row last week after decisively shutting down Altona. Despite sitting four positions below with three less wins, the Sharks enter this match-up as clear favourites. Louisa Fakalata remains a positive for the Spectres, boasting second position (PPG) with 17.7 from nine outings. Last week, the NBL1 representative managed just 10 points, having good support in Lucy Wales (13) and Tayha Watkins (14). For Southern Peninsula, overall scoring leader, Emirson Devenie (168 points), will look to back up her 18 points last week. The Sharks continue to boast a high scoring roster, with four players making double-digits last week, and three players within the top 20 for PPG. Charli Dobson (11) and Gemma Simon (10) are two of which looking to maintain form.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC review: Qualifying and Elimination Finals – Bulleen and Knox advance to preliminaries

THE Bulleen Boomers kicked off the first week of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Championship Division finals by winning their qualifying ginal over the Nunawading Spectres (53-46). The result marks Bulleen’s second win over Nunawading in the last month, advancing to the preliminaries next fortnight. In the first half, Nunawading proved the better side – leading 28-24 into half-time. Proceeding into the third, Nunawading conceded 17-7 to lose the lead, as Bulleen cruised comfortably to a win with a 12-11 closer. Alexandra Keating held up well in the contest to record 21 points and remain first across the league for points per game (PPG). Casey Valenti-Paea also impressed with 12 points, while Nunawading’s Tayha Watkins and Lucy Wales both starred with 14 and 13 points respectively. NBL1 representative, Louisa Fakalata continues to trail Keating in second – dropping 10 points in the loss.

The Knox Raiders and Dandenong Rangers kicked off the second qualifying final, with Knox snaring a 54-51 victory in Waverley. Despite losing their last encounter at home (48-52), the Raiders’ record on the road (8-0-1) proved too good for the Rangers. In the match-up, both teams won two terms, with a 22-22 tie leading them into the main break. It was a 19-10 final term which closed the win out for the Raiders, after conceding 13-19 in the term prior. NBL1 representative, Charlise Dunn was immense for the Raiders – scoring 19 points on her way to twelfth for PPG (12.6). Meg Robinson followed next with nine points, while NBL1 representatives, Elly Morgan (15), Kodie Myszka (11) and Hannah Rapp (10) all manage double-digits for the Rangers.

Diamond Valley Eagles copped the first elimination in the MUVJBL after losing 64-77 to the Bendigo Braves. Both sides went score for score in the first half – recording 22-22 in the opener and 16-16 in the second. In the latter half, Bendigo maintained momentum and tightened up on defense. They closed out the game with 21-12 and 18-14 to beat the Eagles by 13 points. Meg Mccarthy and Piper Dunlop both impressed in the win to record 23 points each for the Braves. Dunlop’s efforts move her fourth for PPG (15.8). For Dandenong, Keeley Evans stood up in the absence of Jade Dunne to record 18 points. The NBL1 representative moves her way into the top-20 for PPG (9.6) to close out her season.

The second elimination final saw the Altona Gators fall 46-62 against the Southern Peninsula Sharks in Sandringham. Last time it was Southern Peninsula who lost to the Gators by 16 points, but on this occasion they looked set to deliver. Peninsula’s second term was huge, dropping a unmatched 29 points to extend to 46-25 lead into half-time. Despite conceding the remaining terms, Peninsula’s lead remained unassailable. Emirson Devenie led for the Peninsula with 18 points – taking her to third points for PPG (16.8) and first for total points (168). Charli Dobson also lifts to seventh for PPG (14.2) with 11 points. For Altona, Jordan Wilson stood strong to record a game-high 21 points in the absence of Kayla Salmons – followed next by Trinity Steele on 12.

In the Reserve grade, the Melbourne Tigers bested the Frankston Blues (71-60), the Kilsyth Cobras fell short against the Nunawading Spectres (72-73), the Dandenong Rangers slipped to the Pakenham Warriors (46-48), and the Keilor Thunder suffered the same to the Broadmeadows Broncos (50-51).

The Championship Division commences the Semi-Finals next week with the Dandenong Rangers versing the Bendigo Braves, and Nunawading Spectres facing the Southern Peninsula Sharks. Bulleen and Knox will enjoy a week off as they proceed into the preliminaries.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC preview: Qualifying and Elimination Finals

THE Qualifying and Elimination finals kick off this week in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League Under-18 Girls Championship Division. Six of the eight teams will proceed at the round’s end, with Bendigo, Diamond Valley, Altona and Southern Peninsula all facing off in the first leg of elimination finals.

Bulleen Boomers (1st, 15-3) vs Nunawading Spectres (4th, 12-6)

Bulleen Boomers will look to hold their dominance into the finals as they face the Nunawading Spectres in Hawthorn. In their last match-up, Bulleen got the better on the road. Unsurprisingly, Bulleen’s away record remains without blemish (8-0), while Nunawading hold at 6-3 on both ends. At neutral territory, the Boomers seem a lock, having paved their way to five consecutive wins, while Nunawading lost three in a row in the lead-up. Besides advancing to finals, this game presents a lot in the way of match-ups. Bulleen’s second-placed shooter, Alexandra Keating will face Nunawading’s top-league scorer, Louisa Fakalata. Keating currently sits at 17.7 points per game (PPG) with 124 points overall. She’s been well accompanied by Casey Valenti-Paea who follows close with 14.4 PPG. For Nunawading, Fakalata tops the table with 18.6 PPG and 149 points overall, with Maddison Zugna trailing inside the top-20 on 10.7. In their last match-up, Fakalata scored 18, while Keating was absent.

Knox Raiders (2nd, 13-4-1) vs Dandenong Rangers (3rd, 12-6)

In the second qualifying final, the Knox Raiders travel to Batesford Reserve to face the Dandenong Rangers. Without a loss on their away record, Knox enter the neutral territory as favourites. Though comparatively, Dandenong’s last five have been a lot better – winning four compared to one. In their last match-up Dandenong proved better again, but conceded a loss in March at the height of the Raiders’ form. Charlise Dunn continues to be solid for the Raiders averaging 11 PPG from four outings, Georgia Baldwin follows close with 10.1. In last week’s loss, Meg Robinson led the way with 11 points, and sat the only player to crack double-digits. For Dandenong, Hannah Rapp (nine) and Emily Sewell (12.5) have starred. In last week’s win, Leah Mackenzie controlled the floor with 16 points, and will be expected to repeat this week.

Altona Gators (5th, 11-6-1) vs Southern Peninsula (8th, 9-9)

The elimination finals also tip off tonight when the Altona Gators face the Southern Peninsula Sharks in Sandringham. The Gators will be desperate to regain some form with a long road ahead, while the Sharks boasting one of the better months in the league. Of their last four, the Gators have picked up three wins to claw their way back into finals. Comparatively, the Gators have beaten Nunawading and conceded defeat to Geelong, so inconsistency is likely to cost them. Kayla Salmons has been impressive for Altona this season averaging 12.3 PPG, along with Monique Marcetic-Vaotangi (8.6). Last week, Marcetic-Vaotangi led on the board with 10, followed next by Salmons’ seven. For Southern Peninsula Emirson Devenie has dominated, sitting third in the league for PPG (16.7), while Charli Dobson follows with 14.6. In their win last week, Devenie led the way with 26, followed close by Dobson on 22.

Bendigo Braves (6th, 11-7) vs Diamond Valley Eagles (7th, 9-8-1)

The second elimination final pits the Bendigo Braves against the Diamond Valley Eagles for the second time in a month. Bendigo has managed consecutive wins over the past fortnight, defeating Altona Gators and Diamond Valley Eagles. Comparatively, the Eagles rebounded from their thrashing against Bendigo to defeat the Hawthorn Magic. On neutral territory, neither side looks to have the advantage but history declares Bendigo winner. Piper Dunlop and Tess Barnes have been immense for the Braves this season, averaging 14.7 and 14.4 PPG respectively. The pair boast fifth and eighth spots in the league for PPG from seven outings each. For Diamond Valley, Jade Dunne stands as the greatest weapon, averaging 14.4 PPG. In last week’s win, she recorded 19 points, while Keeley Evans also impressed with 15.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC review: Round 9 – Bulleen wins top two clash

ROUND 9 of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Championship Division closed out the regular season with a finals preview between the Knox Raiders and Bulleen Boomers. The Boomers got the better in the contest with a 54-43 victory over the home side, remaining two wins ahead of their second-placed competitors in first. In the contest, the Boomers earned two seven-point wins in the first and last term, Knox tied 18-18 in the second before winning 11-8 in the third term. Alexandra Keating showed why she is one of the league’s best, recording 22 points in the win. Keating’s efforts move her to second in points per game (PPG), while Antoniette Emma-Nnopu also impressed with 12 points. For Knox, Meg Robinson was the only player to hit double-digits with 11 points, while Georgia Baldwin finished next on nine.

The next final preview pitted Dandenong Rangers against Nunawading Spectres. The Rangers earned a 53-48 victory over the Spectres, taking them to third spot, while the Spectres lost their third in a row. The Spectres boasted real scoring capacity in the first half, taking a 32-23 lead into the main break. Their third term lost them the game after only recording three points to the opposition’s 12. The Rangers went on to score 18-13 to close out the game, taking the game and the better position into finals. Leah Mackenzie led scoring for the Rangers with 16 points, followed next by NBL1 representative, Hannah Rapp, on nine. The Spectres also boasted considerable performances by Louisa Fakalata (15) and Tayha Watkins (11). Fakalata finishes the league in the highest spot for PPG (18.6) and second for overall scoring, down one point at 149, with one less game.

The Diamond Valley Eagles ended the Hawthorn Magic’s final chances with a 51-63 victory on the road. After snatching the last spot in the Championship Division in the final game pre-split, Hawthorn was unable to do it again this time post-split, missing out on finals. In the contest, the Magic opened both halves below par, conceding 8-15 in the first and 10-21 in the third. Though they managed to tie in the second (18-18) and win in the last (15-9), their efforts were not enough to get them over the line due to the two disappointing quarters. Jade Dunne managed 19 points for Diamond Valley, alongside NBL1 representative, Keeley Evans, who had 15. For Hawthorn, Ryleh Killian had 19 points while Alycia Kennedy finished next on seven points.

Southern Peninsula Sharks broke their way into the finals with a 81-77 victory over the Geelong Supercats, finishing the regular season in eighth place with their third consecutive win. Despite an impressive 44-33 second half, Peninsula’s 33-48 first half was too much for Geelong to come back from closing out the game by four points. Emirson Devenie and Charli Dobson had top performances for the Peninsula, recording 26 and 22 points respectively. Keeley Toohey also scored 16 points for the Peninsula, while NBL representative, Carly Remmos led the Supercats with 21 points. Alishia Knights also impressed on 17, followed next by Jasmine Whatley on 12.

The Altona Gators missed their chance for a top four spot after losing 51-46 to the Bendigo Braves. Bendigo moved to sixth with their second consecutive win, while Altona held onto fifth.

In the Reserve grade, the Frankston Blues lost 66-72 against Dandenong Rangers, McKinnon Cougars defeated Broadmeadows Broncos (41-66), and Keilor Thunder won 56-48 over Warrandyte Venom. The round ended with the Nunawading Spectres winning 57-51 over Kilsyth Cobras, and Pakenham Warriors winning 52-47 over Melbourne Tigers.

In the Championship Division, the finals kick off with the Altona Gators hosting the Southern Peninsula Sharks and the Bendigo Braves facing the Diamond Valley Eagles in the elimination finals. The qualifying finals kick off soon after with the Bulleen Boomers hosting the Nunawading Spectres and the Knox Raiders facing the Dandenong Rangers.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC preview: Round 9

THE Knox Raiders and Bulleen Boomers will headline Round 9 of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Championship Division in what could be a preview for the Grand Final. The match-up between Geelong and Southern Peninsula also looks to be a crucial contest, with a win necessary to their finals hopes.

Knox Raiders (2nd, 13-3-1) vs Bulleen Boomers (1st, 14-3)

The Knox Raiders will open Round 9 against top-end rivals, Bulleen Boomers, in a game that could present as a foretaste for the Grand Final. In terms of success, the Raiders’ last fortnight has been less than ideal, having recorded a 51-55 loss to Diamond Valley before tying with the fourteenth-placed, Geelong Supercats. In comparison, Bulleen’s last month has been faultless. Besides recording four consecutive wins, Bullen have made short work of Dandenong and Bulleen, as well as assumed top-spot one week out of finals. Olivia Tsantarlis and Casey Valenti-Paea were standout in Bulleen’s last outing, recording 16 and 14 points respectively. Valenti-Paea moved to sixth spot for points per game (PPG) following her performance, while Alexandra Keating continues to hold in second (17 PPG). For Knox, Zoe Jenkins(16) and Rhiannon Ockwell (15) were big in last week’s draw and will be expected to maintain form as they attempt to hold their top-two spot.

Geelong Supercats (14th, 7-9-1) vs Southern Peninsula (13th, 8-9)

One spot remains as we lead into finals, with the Geelong Supercats hosting the Southern Peninsula. Both sides sit at the bottom of the table, having shown little success since the division separation. Given their positions, Geelong’s 5-2-1 home record threatens the Peninsula’s chances. In recent weeks, both outfits have lifted on form, with Southern Peninsula recording consecutive wins, which include fair scalps over Hawthorn and Bendigo. Similarly, Geelong presented well against the Raiders, tying with the top-end team and likely instilling confidence. NBL1 representatives, Carly Remmos and Alishia Knights, presented well in Geelong’s draw; recording 14 and 13 points respectively. The pair match-up on Emirson Devenie and Charli Dobson this week, who both sit higher on the table for league-average with 15.5 and 13.6. Last week, Devenie recorded 25 points on her way to a four-point victory over Hawthorn. The Geelong star moves to third on the table as we lead into tomorrow’s game.

Dandenong Rangers (7th, 11-6) vs Nunawading Spectres (4th, 12-5)

With a second a chance still available for the Dandenong Rangers, it presents a lot to gain when they host the Nunawading Spectres on Friday. Prior to last week’s loss, Dandenong was stnading strong having recorded five consecutive wins after two narrow losses in the opening rounds. For Nunawading, the last two weeks have been disappointing, losing two consecutive to Bulleen and Altona. Dandenong will look to NBL1 representative, Elly Morgan, to continue her form recording 12, 19 and 16 in her last three outings. Hannah Rapp and Leia Hanafin have also presented well recently recording 13 and 11 in their win over Knox. Comparatively, the Spectres boast top league scorer, Louisa Fakalata, who averages 19.1 PPG in the Championship Division, along with Maddison Zugna who averages 11.9.

Hawthorn Magic (9th, 8-7-2) vs Diamond Valley Eagles (11th, 8-8-1)

The Hawthorn Magic desperately need to return to the winner’s list when they host the Diamond Valley Eagles, with loser of this match-up potentially missing out on finals. Currently, the Eagles sit on five consecutive losses, slipping further down in form and on the table as we approach finals. Diamond Valley took a big loss on the road last week against Bendigo, worsening their abysmal away record (2-6). Similarly, Hawthorn’s success at home has been underwhelming at 3-4-1, so it is difficult to pick a winner in this contest. For Hawthorn, Ryleh Killian has been in solid form, averaging 14.3 PPG for seven outings. Last week, Georgia Gray and Ella Crump recorded 17 and 14 points respectively and will need to maintain form if they intend on competing for finals. For Diamond Valley, Caitlyn Meagher was standout in in their loss to Bendigo recording a team-high 15 points, followed next by Georgia Kitchell on 11.

Bendigo Braves (8th, 10-7) vs Altona Gators (6th, 11-5-1)

The Altona Gators continue their push for a top four spot as they travel to Bendigo to face the Braves. Last week, Altona rejoined the winner’s list with a comprehensive showing over Nunawading Spectres. Their lift in form comes off the back of their poor performance against the Supercats one round prior. In Bendigo’s last outing, they recorded a big 28-point margin over the Diamond Valley Eagles. They continue to boast a stellar record at home at 6-2, looking to maintain it as they host the Gators on Friday. In the match-up, the Braves will look to Piper Dunlop and Tess Barnes to maintain their dominance with pair having averaged 14.7 and 14.4 from their seven outings. For the Gators, Kayla Salmons has been standout with 12.3 PPG, alongside Monique Marcetic-Vaotangi with 8.6.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC preview: Round 8

THE penultimate round of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Victorian Championship Division gets underway tomorrow night with some teams’ last chance for finals, while others hope to secure home finals with important wins.

Geelong Supercats (13th, 7-9) vs. Knox Raiders (2nd, 13-3)

Geelong Supercats are relying on an upset win against title contender Knox Raiders, and a victory in the final round to have any hope of making finals. They sit second bottom of the Championship Division teams, but do hold a strong record of five wins from seven matches at home. Their opponents are unbeaten on the road though, which means this match will be as tough as it gets for the home team. With the Raiders facing top-of-the-table Bulleen Boomers in the final round, this is a must-win to keep in contention for top spot. Charlise Dunn averages 11.0 points per game as the top Raiders shooter in what has been an even team season along with Georgia Baldwin (10.4). For Geelong, Carly Remmos and Alisha Knights have both averaged 12.4 points per game in the Championship Division.

Bendigo Braves (8th. 9-7) vs. Diamond Valley Eagles (10th, 8-7-1)

A win for the visitors in the Bendigo-Diamond Valley clash will secure the Eagles a finals spot, and potentially move them clear of a couple of opponents to even position themselves for a home elimination final. They are just two wins from seven matches away though, while the Braves have won five from seven at home. They win and they are able to keep touch with Altona Gators just above them, and will be keen to also secure a home elimination final. Piper Dunlop (14.3 points per game) and Tess Barnes (13.5) are players to watch from the home side, while Jade Dunne (13.7) has been a standout shooter for Diamond Valley this season.

Altona Gators (7th, 10-5-1) vs. Nunawading Spectres (3rd, 12-4)

In another crucial clash for these sides, Altona Gators must win to ensure they grab a home final, but more importantly put themselves in pole position for a double chance. The Spectres might have a double chance locked up barring a complete disaster run – two losses and Altona and Dandenong both overtake them, but will be keen to take advantage of a top two clash in the final round to potentially grab a home qualifying final. The Gators are four wins and a draw from seven games at home, while the Spectres have not done too much wrong on the road with just the one loss from seven games, and losing its first game last week in a number of months. Louisa Fakalata has been a scoring machine, averaging 19.2 points per game and the top points scorer in the competition, while Maddison Zugna (12.4) has also been impressive this season. For Altona, Kayla Salmons has been a shining light, contributing 11.8 points per game.

Hawthorn Magic (9th, 8-6-2) vs. Southern Peninsula Sharks (14th, 7-9)

The lowest ranked side in the Championship Division, Southern Peninsula Sharks are coming off a win last round by 22 points over Bendigo Braves and will be keen to make it two on the trot to give themselves any chance of finals. They need to win both games and Diamond Valley and Geelong Falcons to lose both in order to lock up a finals spot. For the Magic, they need to win to maintain their spot in the top eight with Diamond Valley chasing their spot, along with the bottom two sides trying to force their way into the top eight. The Magic is three wins and a draw from seven games, while the Sharks have won three from seven on the road making this head-to-head tough to predict. Ryleh Killian has been a super player in the grade, sinking an average of 15.0 points per game, while for the Sharks, Charli Dobson and Emirson Devenie have both notched up 14.1 points per game.

Dandenong Rangers (5th, 11-5) vs. Bulleen Boomers (1st, 13-3)

In a game which could mirror a qualifying final in a fortnight, the top-of-the-table Boomers travel to Dandenong to face the fourth placed – in the Championship Division – Rangers. Dandenong has won five on the trot and is in fine form with five wins from eight games, while the Boomers have won the past three with an undefeated run when travelling from six matches. Alexandra Keating averages the most points of any player in the competition, with the Boomers shooter putting up 19.4 points per game, teaming well with Casey Valenti-Paea (14.5) and Erin Riley (10.3). The Rangers have also shared it around, with Emily Sewell (14.0), Elly Morgan (10.1) and Leia Hanafin (10.0) all showing they have the capability to put good numbers up when in the side.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC preview: Round 7

THE Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Championship Division nears finals as we enter Round 7, with seemingly one spot remaining in the top four. Four teams continue to battle out for a second chance – all equal with 10 wins from fourth to seventh. This week’s game of the round will likely be between Nunawading Spectres and Bulleen Boomers, with the winner taking second place and putting themselves in the box seat for a much-desired home final. The match-up between Hawthorn and Dandenong also presents to be a good one, as the home side vies for a top eight spot.

Nunawading Spectres (3rd, 12-3) vs Bulleen Boomers (2nd, 12-3)

The third placed Nunawading Spectres host their top-end rivals, Bulleen Boomers, in a game that may seal their second-chance home final. Last week, the Spectres grabbed their twelfth consecutive win of the season, knocking off the Hawthorn Magic 61-38 at home. It was an unusual game, with the in-form side only scoring 11 points for the first half. They resurged following the break and went onto score 34 points in the fourth term to close out the curious affair. The Boomers boast two comfortable wins in the last fortnight – beating Hawthorn (59-50) and Geelong (50-41) at home. Though given their position, we expect higher margins against teams outside the eight, but it seems the Boomers have scraped a couple together in the last fortnight. This week, the league’s two best scorers go head to head. Nunawading’s Louis Fakalata has been in top form across her five outings, averaging 19.4 points per game (PPG) in equal-first with Bulleen’s Alexandra Keating. Maddison Zugna continues to be great support for Fakalata, having averaged 13 PPG from six outings, while Keating shares the load well with Casey Valenti-Paea (13.2).

Hawthorn Magic (9th, 8-5-2) vs Dandenong Rangers (5th, 10-5)

Hawthorn Magic host Dandenong Rangers this week in a game that may settle their finals future. Since returning from the break, the Magic have been in poor form – recording three consecutive losses, including a big 61-38 defeat against the Nunawading Spectres. Comparatively, the Rangers sit as one of the league’s most in-form side. Last week, they recorded one their biggest wins of the season after beating the Southern Peninsula by 42 points. The week prior, the Rangers knocked off league-leaders, Knox Raiders (48-52), on the road to make a big case for the top-four. Ryleh Killian stepped up for the Magic in last week’s loss – recording 12 points alongside Casey Dunstan’s 10. The pair will be expected to deliver big in this match-up – especially with NBL1 representative, Elly Morgan, and Leah Mackenzie recording big last week. Morgan shot 19 in the win to move seventeenth for league scoring average, while Hawthorn’s Killian holds strong in fifth.

Knox Raiders (1st, 13-2) vs Diamond Valley Eagles (12th, 7-7-1)

Knox Raiders will look to record an easy win this week against the bottom-end Diamond Valley Eagles, in a game that might secure their number one spot. Last fortnight, the Raiders recorded their second loss in the Championship Division – losing to Dandenong after conceding to Nunawading earlier in the season. Despite sitting atop the table, the Raiders are yet to record a big win in the new division. Since the break, the Eagles have recorded consecutive losses. They fell victim to the Nunawading streak last fortnight and copped a fair knock against the Gators in Round 6. Despite sitting low, Diamond Valley still sit in the finals race, but will need a perfect run home. NBL1 representative, Charlise Dunn, led with 17 points in last week’s clash Bendigo. Currently, she boasts eighth spot across the league – followed next by Georgia Baldwin (9.8 PPG) in eighteenth. For Diamond Valley, Jade Dunne (16) and Georgia Kitchell (12) held up against Altona. Dunne boasts seventh spot in the league following her efforts.

Geelong Supercats (13th, 6-9) vs Altona Gators (6th, 10-4-1)

Altona Gators travel to Geelong this week where they face the Supercats for a chance to snare a spot in the top-four. The Gators added their third consecutive win last week against the Diamond Valley Eagles (51-67) as they continue to show their dominance on the road (6-2-0). In theme of three streaks, the Supercats add their third consecutive loss after falling to Bulleen (50-41) on the road. As it stands, the Supercats will not play finals. They have been one of the more competitive sides in the Championship Division but have not shown enough just yet. Alishia Knights and Carly Remmos will be Altona’s biggest issue, with the pair averaging 12.5 and 11.8 PPG respectively. The Gators will rely heavily on Kayla Salmons (12.8) and Trinity Steele (9.4) to deliver once again. Last week, Salmons stepped up with 22 points, while Tyla Paraha followed close on 17.

Bendigo Braves (8th, 9-6) vs Southern Peninsula (14th, 6-9)

Even though Southern Peninsula are without a win in the Championship Division, Bendigo can never be too cautious when they are in the lower regions of the finals race. Last week, the Braves lost to the Raiders on the road – winning one of their last four outings. As with Peninsula, the Braves have been unsuccessful in the new division and could be the team to miss out on finals. The highlight of Peninsula’s season would be their near win against the Raiders in Round 2 (77-79). Though since then, have dropped off dramatically. Piper Dunlop has been in form for the Braves since beginning the new division, recording 15.8 PPG in third across the league. Tess Barnes has been a similar commodity in thirteenth with 12.6 PPG. With one spot between their opposition, Charli Dobson sits in fourth with 15.2 PPG for Peninsula – followed by Emirson Devenie in twelfth with 12.7

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC review: Round 6 – Rangers win big

DANDENONG Rangers moved to fifth spot in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Championship Division following a big 37-79 win on the road against the Southern Peninsula Sharks. The Rangers kicked off the first half in dominant fashion, scoring 30 points to 10 in the first and 20 to five in second. Their dominance continued in the third term where they outscored 23-5, before giving up the final term with six points to 17. NBL1 representative, Elly Morgan, was immense in the victory with 19 points – moving to seventeenth spot for league scoring. She was accompanied well by Leah Mackenzie (12), Makaela Zeldenryk (11) and Leia Hanafin (11), who all starred on the floor. For the Sharks, Emirson Devenie led on the scoreboard – amassing 15 points on her way to twelfth spot for league scoring. Charli Dobson followed next on 10.

Nunawading Spectres earned their twelfth consecutive win in their match-up with Hawthorn Magic at home (61-38). The 23-point victory came off the back of a big second half for the Spectres – only dropping 11 points to 15 in the first half. The Spectres moved to a 50-point second half, compared to Magic’s 23 points – recording only four points in the third term. NBL representative, Louisa Fakalata recorded 19 points to snare top spot for league scoring. Teammate, Tarni Brown, also impressed for the Spectres, scoring 10 points in the win. For the Magic, Ryleh Killian led on the board with 12 points, while Casey Dunstan followed next with 10 points. The win moves the Spectres to third place as they continue to press the Bulleen Boomers and Knox Raiders for the number one spot. Hawthorn slip outside the top-eight with their third consecutive loss.

The top eight continued to reign supreme as Bulleen Boomers earned a 50-41 win over Geelong Supercats at Mullum Mullum. Picking up back-to-back wins, the Boomers retained second spot on the table as the Spectres press one position below as the most in-form team in the competition. For the first, third and fourth terms, just a combined two points separated the side. It was Boomers’ dominant second term (19-8) that eventually led them to victory – closing out with a nine-point win. NBL1 representative, Erin Riley led on the board for the home-side with 16 points. Casey Valenti-Paea and Alexandra Keating followed next with 11 and 10 points respectively – Keating moving to second spot for league scoring, and Valenti-Paea to ninth. Carly Remmos scored well for the Supercats with 11 points, followed next by fellow NBL1 representative, Alishia Knights, on eight.

Knox Raiders retained top-spot as they rejoined the winner’s list with a 58-47 win over the Bendigo Braves at home. The Raiders dominated the first half, entering the main break 34-19. They eased off the pedal in the second half at 24-28 and rode comfortably to victory. NBL1 representative, Charlise Dunn, led on the board for the Raiders, scoring 17 points on her way to eighth for league scoring. Arielle Mackey-Williams followed next with 12 points. For the Braves, NBL1 representative, Piper Dunlop led on the board with 13 points, followed next by Meg Mccarthy on 12. The Braves retain eighth spot following the result, while Knox maintain their space, one win ahead of Bulleen.

Altona Gators moved to sixth on the table with a 51-67 win over the Diamond Valley Eagles at Community Bank Stadium. The result dropped Diamond Valley to twelfth as they picked up their second consecutive loss in a fortnight. In the contest, the Gators took an early lead with a 26-11 first term. They failed to back it up in the second with 5-13 – taking a 31-24 lead into the break. They continued their efforts into the second half and moved comfortably to a 16-point win. Kayla Salmons led the game in scoring with 22 points on her way to eleventh spot for league scoring. Tyla Paraha almost emerged for the Raiders with 17 points. For the Eagles, Jade Dunne scored 16 points to move to seventh spot for league scoring, while Georgia Kitchell follows close on 12.

In the Reserve grade, Dandenong Rangers snared a 56-49 win over Pakenham Warriors, Warrandyte Venom defeated Frankston Blues (55-32) at home, and Broadmeadows Broncos lost 38-54 at home against Kilsyth Cobras. We continue the round with Keilor Thunder snared a 73-64 win over Nunawading Spectres and Melbourne Tigers defeated McKinnon 67-38 at home.

In the Championship Division for Round 7, Geelong Supercats host Altona Gators, the Knox Raiders come up against Diamond Valley Eagles, and Hawthorn Magic face Dandenong Rangers. The round continues with Nunawading Spectres facing top-end competitors, Bulleen Boomers, and Bendigo Braves hosting Southern Peninsula Sharks.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC preview: Round 6

THIS week in the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls Championship Division, only two teams within the top eight face off. Knox Raiders host Bendigo Braves in what will likely be the match of the round, while the match-up between Nunawading Spectres and Hawthorn Magic also looks set to impress.

Knox Raiders (1st, 12-2) vs Bendigo Braves (6th, 9-5)

After suffering a rare loss to the Dandenong Rangers in Round 5, the Knox Raiders face a similarly placed Bendigo Braves in a match that they hope will return them to the winner’s list. Since joining the Championship Division, the Raiders have won three of their five games but are yet to take a scalp from a top-end contender. Also, two of their three wins have come from margins below three points, raising questions regarding their worthiness for the top spot. Comparatively, the Braves have also lost two of their five outings in the Championship Division – one of which was a forfeit. Unlike Knox, the Braves have taken big wins against Dandenong and Boomers, making them seem the favourites coming into this match-up. Charlise Dunn, has been in decent form for the Raiders, averaging 11.5 points per game (PPG) from two outings. She’s followed close by Georgia Baldwin, who averages 10.8 from five appearances. For the Braves, Piper Dunlop continues to impress as she placed third across the league for PPG (16.5) from four outings, alongside Tess Barnes who averages 13.5 in ninth spot.

Nunawading Spectres (3rd, 11-3) vs Hawthorn Magic (9th, 8-4-2)

Hawthorn Magic face a huge challenge this week as they face Nunawading Spectres on the road. This year the Spectres have boasted the most dominant streak (11) seen in recent times – going through teams high and low to make it happen. The Magic have faced two top-end sides in recent weeks but may face their biggest yet when they travel to Nunawading. Hawthorn have not had a genuine win in the Championship Division since the opening round against Geelong (41-60) – following up with a draw then a forfeited win against the Braves. With their record in mind, the Magic seem unlikely to break the streak. The Spectres also boast second-best league scorer in Louisa Fakalata (19.5), followed close by Maddison Zugna (15.2) in sixth place. The Magic seem unlikely to match, despite holding Ryleh Killian (15.8) in fifth spot. With Ella Crump just barely rounding out the top-40 in scoring with 6.8 PPG.

Southern Peninsula Sharks (14th, 6-8) vs Dandenong Rangers (5th, 9-5)

Dandenong Rangers will hope to crack into the top four this week as they face the struggling Southern Peninsula Sharks on the road. Still yet to record a win in the Championship Division, the Sharks have the odds stacked against them. The Rangers have won their last three outings and sit two wins away from second spot. A win will help them press for second-chance territory in the coming weeks. Though despite Southern Peninsula’s current record, they still boast three players in the top 20 for league scoring. Charli Dobson has been in top-form, sitting in fourth spot with 16.2 PPG, alongside Emirson Devenie in 12th with 12.2 PPG and Gemma Simon in fourteenth with 11.6. Comparatively, the Rangers only have one player in the top 20, with Emily Sewell averaging 14 points from three outings in seventh spot. Hannah Rapp has also been impressive for the Rangers with 9 PPG.

Bulleen Boomers (2nd, 11-3) vs Geelong Supercats (13th, 6-8)

Bulleen Boomers home record (6-3-0) will be tested this week when they face Geelong Supercats this Friday. Though when compared with Geelong’s away record (2-6-0), it seems unlikely that the Boomers will fall. Since joining the Championship Division, the Boomers have won all but one of their outings. Though much like Knox, Boomers have been so far blessed with an easier fixture and are yet to take a win against a top-end sides. It is not unbelievable that the Supercats cause an upset this week – presenting an impressive contest (53-51) against the league’s most dominant side, Nunawading Spectres. Bulleen’s, Alexandra Keating leads the league in scoring with 21.8 PPG from four outings. She has been accompanied well by Casey Valenti-Paea who averages 13.8 in eighth spot, while the Supercats’ top players, Alishia Knights (13.4), Carly Remmos (12) and Chloe Skinner (10.3), sit below in eleventh, thirteenth and nineteenth respectively.

Diamond Valley Eagles (12th, 7-6-1) vs Altona Gators (7th, 9-4-1)

Looking to make it three in a row, Altona Gators look a serious chance to climb the table when they face Diamond Valley Eagles on the road this week. The Eagles have been less than successful in the Championship Division but boast an impressive 6-1-1 record at home. Considered with Altona’s 5-2-0 record on the road, this game has the potential to be a big one with both sides set to lift a few spots with a positive result. Jade Dunne has been impressive for the Eagles all season, averaging 13.4 PPG from her five outings in tenth for league scoring, alongside Abby Hildebrand who has been similarly impressive with 10.5 in eighteenth. Comparatively, the Gators’ best players both round out the top-20 with Kayla Salmons (10.5) in seventeenth and Trinity Steele (10.3) in 20th.

MUVJBL U18 Girls VC review: Round 5 – Nunawading snares its eleventh consecutive win

IN Round 5 of the Melbourne United Victorian Junior League (MUVJBL) Under-18 Girls competition, Dandenong Rangers got a huge win on the road against a dominant Knox Raiders. The result marks only the Raiders second loss for the year – having lost two at home from six appearances. The Rangers snare their third consecutive win as they begin to make their case for top-four, contending in fifth with three sides also contesting on nine wins. NBL1 Representative, Elly Morgan, was dominant for the Rangers, putting up a game-high 16 points alongside NBL1 teammates, Hannah Rapp and Leia Hanafin who had 13 and 11 points respectively. For the Raiders, Zoe Jenkins starred, dropping 12 points in the result. NBL representative, Charlise Dunn was also impressive, amassing 10 points on her way to 15th spot for league scoring.

Nunawading Spectres closed the gap on Knox following their 69-48 win over Diamond Valley Eagles at home. The Spectres move to third, equal with Bulleen Boomers on 11 wins and three losses. The win marks Nunawading’s eleventh consecutive win, while Diamond Valley worsen their away record with a fifth loss from their sixth outing. In the match, the Spectres won every term. In the second they scored a game-high 22 points to take a 38-26 lead into the main break as Nunawading’s lead continued to grow throughout the second half. NBL1 representative, Louisa Fakalata dropped 16 points for the Spectres and moved to second spot for league scoring. Maddison Zugna also continued her good form with 13 points – moving into sixth for league scoring. For the Eagles, Eliza Bannan led scoring with 12 points, followed next by Jade Dunne and Abby Hildebrand who had seven each.

Bulleen Boomers pressed on Knox in second place following their 59-50 win at home against the Hawthorn Magic. The Magic dropped out of the eight following the result, as five teams sit just one win above them. In the match-up, the Boomers led scoring for both opening terms to take a 39-33 lead into the break. They followed with consecutive 10-point terms as Hawthorn went 3-14 to close out the game. Casey Valenti-Paea took centre stage for the Boomers, dropping a team-high 19 points on her way to eighth spot for league scoring, while Alexandra Keating retains top spot following a 16-point performance. For the Magic, Ryleh Killian took control to lead the game with 20 points against a two of the league’s best scorers. Her efforts moves her to fifth across the league, assisted well by Ella Crump who had nine.

To snare sixth spot on the table, Bendigo Braves defeated Geelong Supercats on the road (54-59) in a five-point thriller. The Braves now contest with a handful of teams four the final spot in the top-four, with the remaining three sitting two wins ahead. The Supercats fall to thirteenth following the result, suffering a rare loss at home given their previous 4-1 record. In the game, Geelong owned the first half – entering the break with 29-25 lead. Though they failed to withstand the Braves in the second, falling to a game-high 20 points in the third and recording the game’s lowest score (9-14) for the final term. NBL representative, Piper Dunlop dominated the floor for the Braves, recording 21 points to move to third spot for league scoring. Meg McCarthy was next best for the Braves with nine points. For the Supercats, NBL1 representatives, Alishia Knights and Carly Remmos, led scoring with 17 and 13 points respectively.

Altona Gators join the top-eight following their huge 58-74 win on the road against Southern Peninsula. The loss marks five consecutive for the Sharks as they slip to fourteenth on the table. The Gators snare their second consecutive victory – returning from the break in top form as they move up the table. In the contest, the Gators took a 32-29 lead into the break before shutting out the game with a 24-11 third term. Trinity Steele had a huge game for the Gators, scoring 21 points to move to twentieth spot for league scoring. Kayla Salmons and Alicia Sciberras were also impressive, dropping 14 and 12 points respectively. For Peninsula, Charli Dobson holds in fourth spot for league scoring with 15 points alongside Emirson Devenie and Gemma Simon who had 14 and 11 respectively.

In the reserve grade, Frankston Blues copped a belting at home from Nunawading Spectres (46-71), Keilor Thunder finished similarly over Pakenham Warriors (75-42), as Melbourne Tigers clinched a tight 69-65 victory against Broadmeadows Broncos. The round continued with Dandenong Rangers losing 32-60 against Kilsyth Cobras and Warrandyte Venom suffering a loss to McKinnon Cougars.

In the Championship Division for Round 6, Southern Peninsula Sharks go head-to-head with Dandenong Rangers, Bulleen Boomers hope for an easy task in Geelong Supercats and Diamond Valley Eagle test against Altona Gators. We follow on with the Knox Raiders versing Bendigo Braves and Nunawading Spectres hoping for 12 consecutive against Hawthorn Magic.