QSL Women’s statistics: Who are the sharp shooters?

THIS week’s Queensland State League (QSL) Women’s stat piece hones in on the sharp shooters across the league, taking into account their accuracy whether it be from two-point range or from deep. It is no surprise that Maddison Rocci leads all comers when it comes to field goals with 95 made for the season and three-pointers given her explosiveness for Rip City while Ashleigh Karaitiana is another big name making waves with her hot hand as she proves to be a handful for opposition teams. Accuracy does not seem to be an issue for Caitlin Clancy featuring in the top five for conversions off three-pointers and free-throws showcasing her impressive rhythm. Northside Wizards have a couple of stars with Stephanie Reid the main one impressing when it comes to scoreboard pressure downing 55 field goals for the season and sinking 42 free-throws while Courtney Woods is another handy option.

Field goals made:

1 Maddison Rocci (USC Rip City) 95
2 Ashleigh Karaitiana (RedCity Roar) 63
3 Madelyn Willey (Southern Districts Spartans) 62
4 Courtney Woods (Northside Wizards) 61
5 Stephanie Reid (Northside Wizards) 55

Field goal percentage: More than 30

1 Rebecca Haynes (Southern Districts Spartans) 55.1% [43]
2 Mikaela Ruef (Logan Thunder) 54.2% [51]
3 Meg Essex (Brisbane Capitals) 52.5% [42]
4 Kalani Purcell (Southern Districts Spartans) 49.4% [38]
5 Lauren Mansfield (RedCity Roar) 49% [48]

Three-pointers made:

1 Maddison Rocci (USC Rip City) 33
2 Natalie Taylor (Southern Districts Spartans) 31
3 Courtney Woods (Northside Wizards) 28
4 Ashleigh Karaitiana (RedCity Roar) 25
5 Madelyn Willey  (Southern Districts Spartans) 24

Three-point percentage: 10 or more triples

1 Caitlin Clancy (Sunshine Coast Phoenix Teal) 50% [10]
2 Lauren Mansfield (RedCity Roar) 50% [21]
3 Amy Lewis (Ipswich Force) 45.5% [15]
4 Natalie Taylor (Southern Districts Spartans) 43.7% [31]
5 Ashleigh Karaitiana (RedCity Roar) 43.1% [25]

Free-throws made:

1 Maddison Rocci (USC Rip City) 53
2 Stephanie Reid (Northside Wizards) 41
3 Georgia Woolley (Brisbane Capitals) 24
4 Aimee Durbidge (North Gold Coast Seahawks) 22
5 Madison Woodford (Brisbane Capitals) 22

Free-throw percentage: 15 or more free-throws

1 Stephanie Reid (Northside Wizards) 89.1% [41]
2 Georgia Ralph (Ipswich Force) 88.9% [16]
3 Amy Lewis (Ipswich Force) 84.2% [16]
4 Caitlin Clancy (Sunshine Coast Phoenix Teal) 83.3% [15]
5 Lilly Rotunno (Gold Coast Rollers) 80% [20]

Picture: Brad Anderson

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