Otago grabs golden ticket in 2020 Sal’s NBL Player Draft

OTAGO Nuggets will have the prime pick in tomorrow night’s 2020 Sal’s NBL draft after the New Zealand National Basketball League (NZNBL) released the draft order earlier today. The 12-round draft is a Serpentine style with each round a reverse of the last, meaning whilst the Nuggets will have the chance to select the best player in the draft crop, they will have to wait another 13 picks until they are able to select their second player.

Following the Nuggets selection, the Taranaki Mountainairs and Manawatu Jets round out the top three, followed by the Nelson Giants, Canterbury Rams, Franklin Bulls and finally, Auckland Huskies. The Huskies, Bulls and Rams have two selections in the top 10 however meaning they have a chance to pick up a couple of the 19 current or former Tall Blacks in the draft crop.

The draft will be televised via Sky Sport 3, Sky Sport Next, Stuff.co.nz and the Tribe Sports App, as well as the second half of the draft available on the NZNBL Facebook page.

NZNBL General Manager Justin Nelson said it was going to be a memorable night of action when the draft takes place.

“It’s an exciting time for the Sal’s NBL, we can’t wait to get back on court in front of our fans but, before we can do that. all eyes will be on this very unique draft on Thursday night,” he said. “The whole draft process we came up with to enable the competition to get going again has captured everyone’s imagination, it really has got people across the country talking about basketball.”

“We thank everyone who has supported the league during this time of change, especially the seven teams and all of the players, we appreciate that this season has to be different and we value the sacrifice everyone has made to ensure the show goes on.”

As for the first selection, it will be down to who the Nuggets end up picking, with Otago returning to the competition for the first time since 2014.

Sal’s NBL Showdown – Draft Order

1. Otago Nuggets
2. Taranaki Mountainairs
3. Manawatu Jets
4. Nelson Giants
5. Canterbury Rams
6. Franklin Bulls
7. Auckland Huskies

8. Auckland Huskies
9. Franklin Bulls
10. Canterbury Rams
11. Nelson Giants
12. Manawatu Jets
13. Taranaki Mountainairs
14. Otago Nuggets

15. Otago Nuggets
16. Taranaki Mountainairs
17. Manawatu Jets
18. Nelson Giants
19. Canterbury Rams
20. Franklin Bulls
21. Auckland Huskies

22. Auckland Huskies
23. Franklin Bulls
24. Canterbury Rams
25. Nelson Giants
26. Manawatu Jets
27. Taranaki Mountainairs
28. Otago Nuggets

29. Otago Nuggets
30. Taranaki Mountainairs
31. Manawatu Jets
32. Nelson Giants
33. Canterbury Rams
34. Franklin Bulls
35. Auckland Huskies

36. Auckland Huskies
37. Franklin Bulls
38. Canterbury Rams
39. Nelson Giants
40. Manawatu Jets
41. Taranaki Mountainairs
42. Otago Nuggets

43. Otago Nuggets
44. Taranaki Mountainairs
45. Manawatu Jets
46. Nelson Giants
47. Canterbury Rams
48. Franklin Bulls
49. Auckland Huskies

50. Auckland Huskies
51. Franklin Bulls
52. Canterbury Rams
53. Nelson Giants
54. Manawatu Jets
55. Taranaki Mountainairs
56. Otago Nuggets

57. Otago Nuggets
58. Taranaki Mountainairs
59. Manawatu Jets
60. Nelson Giants
61. Canterbury Rams
62. Franklin Bulls
63. Auckland Huskies

64. Auckland Huskies
65. Franklin Bulls
66. Canterbury Rams
67. Nelson Giants
68. Manawatu Jets
69. Taranaki Mountainairs
70. Otago Nuggets

71. Otago Nuggets
72. Taranaki Mountainairs
73. Manawatu Jets
74. Nelson Giants
75. Canterbury Rams
76. Franklin Bulls
77. Auckland Huskies

78. Auckland Huskies
79. Franklin Bulls
80. Canterbury Rams
81. Nelson Giants
82. Manawatu Jets
83. Taranaki Mountainairs
84. Otago Nuggets

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