Big V: Stats leaders – Round 3

WITH three rounds of the Big V competition done and dusted some of the top performers are coming to the fore in both the men’s and women’s. Draft Central takes a look at who is dominating in their respective areas and which teams are impressing so far.


Average points:

Luke Sist (Keilor) 24
Matt Turner (Western Port) 23
Daryl Corletto (Western Port) 21.33
Bul Niop (Blackburn) 21
Aaron Dolny (Wyndham) 20

Luke Sist has been a force to be reckoned with for Keilor, leading the way averaging a whopping 24 points each time he steps out on court. Western Port has proven to have a multi-pronged attack with both Matt Turner and Daryl Corletto lighting up the court with 23 points and 21.33 points respectively per game. Bul Niop is a steady stream of points for Blackburn while Aaron Dolny is a strong option for Wyndham thanks to his 20 points.

Average rebounds:

Luke Sist (Keilor) 23
Trevon Clayton (Sunbury) 14.33
Mark Steiner (Hawthorn) 11
Nathan Frost (Chelsea) 10
Mackeui Puondak (Hume) 9.67

Sist is not only a menace on the points-scoring front but so too when it comes to rebounds, leading the competition with 23 while Trevon Clayton is hot on his heels with 14.33 per game. Clayton has been integral for the Sunbury Jets, consistently bobbing up when needed and reeling in the rebounds – much like Mark Steiner for Hawthorn, who averages 11 per game. Nathan Frost is strong for Chelsea with 10 while Mackeui Puondak is lively for the Hume Broncos.

Average assists:

Matt Spencer (Keilor) 6.67
Jordan Geer (McKinnon) 6.33
Nic Laycock (McKinnon) 6
Mitch Lukey (Keilor) 5.67
Shayan Mahboobi (Hume) 4.67

Matt Spencer leads the way for assists producing 6.67 per game for the Thunder while Jordan Geer is handy with ball in hand for McKinnon registering 6.33 assists. Teammate Nic Laycock is also a dominant presence for McKinnon recording six assists each outing while Mitch Lukey is a reliable player for Keilor Thunder recording 5.67 assists. The final player to make it into the top five is Shayan Mahboobi with the Broncos representative registering 4.67.

Average blocks:

Jordan Vandenberg (McKinnon) 1.33
Nathan Marshall (Sunbury) 1
Tonga Matapule (Keilor) 1
Anthony Dell’Orso (Hume) 1
Tomi Ayilara (Wyndham) 0.67

McKinnon’s Jordan Vandenberg tops the table with 1.33 blocks per game while Nathan Marshall, Tonga Matpule and Anthony Dell’Orso are also influential with one block apiece. Tomi Ayilara averages just under one block per game with 0.67 to his name for Wyndham.


Average points:

Rebecca Cole (Bulleen) 30.5
Shereesha Richards (Casey) 26
Orla O’Reilly (Sunbury) 20
Louella Tomlinson (Bulleen) 19.67
Kate Gaze (Bulleen) 19.33

It is no surprise that three of the top five players when it comes to scoring are from Bulleen, given their dominance over the competition. Rebecca Cole has been a shooting sensation averaging 30.5 points a game while Louella Tomlinson and Kate Gaze are dynamic registering 19.67 and 19.33 points respectively. Shereesha Richards has been a consistent figure for Casey with 26 points while Orla O’Reilly has also proven to have a hot hand averaging 20 points per game.

Average rebounds:

Shereesha Richards (Casey) 13.33
Sian Gillam (Hawthorn) 13
Lyndsey Hoogenhout (Whittlesea) 13
Louella Tomlinson (Bulleen) 12.33
Fiona Darnell (Southern Peninsula) 9.67

Richards is not only handy on the scoreboard but so too off the boards, leading the competition with an average of 13.33 rebounds a game. Hawthorn’s Sian Gillam is the next in line with 13 rebounds per outing while Lyndsey Hoogenhout is a real livewire for the Whittlesea Pacers able to reel in the rebounds. Tomlinson has made her presence felt with an average of 12.33 rebounds while Fiona Darnell rounds out the top five thanks to her 9.67 rebounds.

Average assists:

Ellen Kett (Keilor) 7.33
Rebecca Cole (Bulleen) 7
Taylor Lee (Casey) 5
Sophie Byrnes (Hume) 5
Tegan Fowler (Casey) 4.33

Ellen Kett leads the way for assists producing 7.33 per game while Cole is hot on her heels proving to be a key facilitator for the Boomers with an average of seven per game. Taylor Lee is handy with ball in hand dishing off five dimes a game for Casey while teammate Tegan Fowler also features in the top five thanks to her 4.33 assists. The last player is Sophie Byrnes with the Hume Broncos representative racking up an average of five dimes a game.

Average blocks:

Louella Tomlinson (Bulleen) 6.67
Jessica Azzopardi (Hume) 2
Hailey Merrigan (Bulleen) 1.67
Fiona Darnell (Southern Peninsula) 1.33
Ella Crump (Hawthorn) 1

When it comes to blocks, Tomlinson has been a star leading the competition with a whopping 6.67 a game while Jessica Azzopardi is strong boasting two blocks a game. Hailey Merrigan is a force to be reckoned with for the Boomers credit to her 1.67 blocks as Darnell and Ella Crump round out the top performers in this respective field with 1.33 and one block per outings.

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