Basketball Draft Central – Happy holidays and what to expect in 2021

IN what has been a challenging year for everyone, Draft Central would like to thank everyone for the support throughout 2020 in what was a remarkable year for the organisation. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Draft Central was able to expand its coverage and increase its reach across the country far greater than any previous year. Thanks to the support of you, the readers, listeners and watchers, Draft Central was able to stand up in a tough time.

We wish everyone a happy holidays, and while we will be having some content go up over the break reviewing some of the most memorable moments of the year, we look forward to a massive 2021 where we will aim to go bigger and better.

In 2021, Basketball Draft Central will not only cover the National Basketball League (NBL) and Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL), but continue its expansion into the NBL1 having covered the initial competition in 2019. Next year, Basketball Draft Central will cover all the NBL1 competitions, as well as the Big V and of course the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) in the Under 18s and Under 16s Championship Divisions.

Our coverage of the top basketball leagues in New Zealand will also continue, taking a look at the New Zealand National Basketball League (NZNBL) which sees its men’s competition tip-off in April. Then when the women’s season rolls around again, we will look to cover it in indepth once again.

We will also look to bring more features, and begin a basketball podcast to follow in the footsteps of our other branded podcasts, Final Siren (Australian rules football) and Centre Pass (netball) podcasts. There will be no time wasted once the New Year hits, with the NBL season starting early on January 10, and we will recap all the action from Round 1.

Join us in 2021 as we look forward to bringing you expansive basketball coverage throughout the entire year.

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