2021 Big V Women’s: Round 2 wrap

WITH Round 2 of Big V Women’s done and dusted there are a couple of sides such as Bulleen and Sunbury that remain undefeated while Keilor notched up their first win of the season. The round played host to a number of blowouts with teams flexing their muscles and subsequent scoring prowess with the closest game a 10-point ball-game.

Casey (86) defeated Hawthorn (57)

Casey made light work of Hawthorn with their scoring prowess really coming to the fore in the second quarter piling on 24 points to 12. After an even start to the game, Casey put their foot down to claim some ascendancy on the game and never looked back growing with confidence as the game went on. But Casey left their performance until the last quarter adding a whopping 30 points to 11 as their defensive and offensive skills shone through and they stunned the Magic.

Sheeresha Richards took centre stage for Casey throughout the clash posting a game-high 29 points in her 28 minutes on court. Richards was a real livewire for Casey and made the most of her chances shooting at 93 per cent from the field. Her dominance did not stop there though amassing 12 rebounds while Alannah Gillespie threw her weight around contributing 15 points and four steals. Rebekka Mawdsley was the next best for Casey as she managed 11 points and four rebounds. For the Magic Bella Niven-Brown led the charge with a commanding 22 points and could have had an even bigger day had she been accurate converting at 44 per cent. She was ably assisted by Emily Kurkowski who piled on 10 points of her own in her 30 minutes on court while Georgia McBean added seven points to the Magic’s tally. Her day did not stop there as she picked up two rebounds and three steals in the loss.

Hume (60) defeated Bulleen (84)

The Boomers powered past Hume Broncos on Saturday recording a 24 point win to sit undefeated after two rounds. Despite a sluggish start to the game, Bulleen hit back in the second and third term to get the game back on their terms and inflict some serious scoreboard pain. Hume only managed 29 points in the middle two quarters while the Boomers piled on 52 points themselves to completely dominate the play.

The Broncos had their work cut out for them up against a well-oiled Bulleen side but that did not stop Leilani Siamoa from finding the basket. She led the way for Hume knocking back 21 points at 64 per cent from the field while also registering six rebounds. Teammate, Sophie Byrnes also chimed in for Hume producing 11 points, five rebounds and 10 assists while Ellen Wright was a menace off the boards with 10 rebounds. The Boomers were inspired by the big three in Rebecca Cole, Kate Gaze and Louella Tomlinson. Cole starred thanks to her 30 points, six rebounds and seven assists as Gaze also managed 23 points, five rebounds and three steals. Tomlinson had a game to remember thanks to her double-double walking away with 18n points and 14 rebounds while also wowing fans with her eight blocks.

Whittlesea (56) defeated by Southern Peninsula (72)

Southern Peninsula got the jump on the Pacers from the opening quarter and never looking like losing from then on out. Their tenacity and accuracy immediately put Whittlesea on the back foot, forcing them to play catch up basketball which was a feat they simply could not match. Although Southern Peninsula lost the final term the damage had already been done with Whittlesea unable to really worry their opponents, and seeing Peninsula record a 16-point win.

Southern Peninsula shared the rock around throughout the game with a number of players stepping up to the plate and delivering the goods on the points scoring front. Ashleigh Wright impressed in the win posting 24 points at 64 per cent from the field while also amassing five rebounds. Teammates Fiona Darnell and Tanarly Hood bobbed up to get their side over the line recording 14 and 12 points respectively. Darnell was particularly strong off the boards registering a whopping 15 rebounds (11 defensive), three assists and a steal. Pacers looked to Saule Kontautaite to do the heavy lifting, posting 26 points to accompany her five rebounds, one steal and one assist. Lyndsey Hoogenhout was electric knocking back 13 points and reeling in 17 rebounds as Indiana Bodley also inflicted some scoreboard pain thanks to her 10 points.

Wyndham (54) defeated by Sunbury (64)

Sunbury sit undefeated after two rounds, notching up their second win of the season this time against Wyndham. Both sides worked in overdrive and never let the lead blow out too much highlighting the overall closeness of the contest. Each quarter the Jets extended the lead albeit marginally to eventually run out with a 10 point victory. Wyndham out-rebounded the Jets (46-34) while Sunbury shone when it came to steals (11-5).

There were two main producers for Wyndham with Nicola Handreck and Jamilee Pearce doing the most damage for their side with 21 and 13 points respectively. Handreck also dragged down five rebounds while Pearce secured 11 and two steals. Jessica Slade had an influence with nine points and 10 rebounds in a strong showing for her side despite the loss. The Jets were inspired by the efforts of Orla O’Reilly who managed a game high 25 points playing 38 minutes, but struggled with accuracy all round while also six rebounds and four steals. Tess Barnes did not muck around, posting 15 points and two rebounds while Bianca Dufelmeier shot at 57 per cent from the field in the win.

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