2021 Big V Men’s: Round 8

IT was another action packed round of Big V Men’s with a number of mixed results. McKinnon stole the show with a resounding win over the ailing Western Port, while Hume also flexed their muscles to steal a big win. It was closer between Sunbury and Chelsea with only four points separating them highlighting the disparity across Round 8.

Hawthorn (69) defeated by Keilor (77)

Keilor got the job done against Hawthorn running out eight-point victors in what was a tight tussle. The two sides fought hard from the opening minutes of play with neither willing to give an inch and working in overdrive to win ball back. In the end it was Keilor that got the chocolates securing their sixth win of the season and claim fourth spot on the ladder.

Casey (71) defeated by Wyndham (82)

Wyndham toppled Casey by 11 points to claim their sixth win of the season and hold onto third spot on the ladder thanks to their percentage. It was an intriguing clash between the two sides as it was level pegging for most of the opening quarter before Wyndham found their groove to establish a seven point lead at the quarter time break. Only a mere point split the two sides at the main break showcasing just how close the contest was with the main difference the rebounds as Casey had 23 to their name while Wyndham has 19. Casey stole the lead midway through the second for the first time in the match but Wyndham managed to stick strong and comeback to run out eventual winners. Ben Waterhouse was influential for Casey as was Matt Donlan with the two able to find plenty of the ball and most importantly score as for Wyndham Aaron Dolny and Tomi Ayilara were the most prolific.

Blackburn (76) defeated by Hume (112)

The Broncos had an absolute field day against Blackburn keeping them to a mere 76 points while they poured on the scoreboard pressure themselves. Hume monopolised the play and kept Blackburn on the backfoot from the opening minutes of play. The Broncos created a solid lead in the first term getting out to a 14-point lead and steadily built off that momentum throughout the rest of the game. Although Blackburn showed glimpses they were unable to maintain that pressure as the Broncos had an answer for everything that was thrown at them. The main difference also lay with the accuracy as the Broncos capitalised on their opportunities while the Vikings simply could not going at a mere 27 per cent in the first term from the field compared to their opponents 55 per cent. By half time Hume had all but won the game given they boasted a 35-goal lead and while Blackburn were able to find more of the ball in the second half they were unable to eat into the margin going down by 36 points.

Chelsea (76) defeated by Sunbury (80)

Sunbury snuck home against Chelsea notching up a narrow four point win with Chelsea pushing them every step of the way. It was a heart in your mouth finish to the game as both sides traded blows in hope to secure the win. The physicality from both sides was there as they looked to contest every pass and ensure that there was no easy passage of play down the court. A couple of handy free-throws gifted Sunbury the chance to seal the deal in what was a face paced finish to the game.

McKinnon (127) defeated Western Port (79)

It was a high scoring affair as McKinnon trounced Western Port to claim a 48-point win and claim top spot on the ladder. It was a one-sided affair as McKinnon controlled proceedings from the first term and did not relent on their pressure. Midway through the second quarter McKinnon already established a 14 point advantage and with their speed and long range shooting on point there was no stopping them. James Malvaso proved to have a hot hand for the victors while the work McKinnon did defensively was also impressive as they contested for the rebound to deny any second chances for Western Port. Throughout clash McKinnon proved they were not afraid to work the ball around and weave their way into the key as they added to the margin at every opportunity they could.

Round 9:

Western Port will take on Casey on Saturday night as Wyndham and Chelsea will face-off in what is set to be an exciting battle given Chelsea are coming off a narrow loss and will be ruing their missed chances. Keilor and Blackburn will go head to head at Keilor Basketball Stadium with the Thunder hoping to record another solid win while all eyes will turn to the contest between Sunbury and McKinnon as the two top teams battle it out for pole position. Hume will be hoping to bounce back after their poor showing in Round 8 while Hawthorn will be eager to prove they can put out a four quarter performance and secure another win for season 2021.

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