2021 Big V Men’s: Round 5 preview

ROUND 5 of the Big V sees both Sunbury and McKinnon look to increase their winning streak and solidify their standing atop of the ladder. Down the other end of the table and four sides including West Port and Blackburn are in search of their second win this season to leapfrog past teams.

Hawthorn vs. Wyndham
Saturday, April 17 @6:30pm

Wyndham will be looking to make it three wins from five appearances in their clash against Hawthorn Magic to open Round 5 of action. Both sides are coming into the game off significant losses with Wyndham suffering a 14-point loss and Hawthorn a 22 point loss meaning this game will be a showing of pride and desperation. Wyndham currently sit higher on the ladder with an extra win under their belt a feat Hawthorn will be trying to replicate with a win.

The Magic’s Kirk Smith was a real gamechanger last round and while his side did not get the win he still produced a handy 20 points and will be looking to extend his hot form. Support from Ryan O’Sullivan and Matt Hallam will be necessary to get the Magic over the line. Nathan Guscott is another player to keep an eye out for given his skillset. When looking at Wyndham it is hard to go past the services of Aaron Dolny who is one of their most prolific shooters having produced 22 points last round. Cameron Hutton is another key cog for Wyndham. He has proven he does not need a lot of court time to do damage on the scoreboard with teammates Kobe Pearson and Kane Hynes other vital members of the team that can create scoreboard pressure.

Western Port vs. Sunbury
Saturday, April 17 @7:00pm

Sunbury will be eager to keep their unblemished start to the season happening as they take on Western Port on Saturday night. Western Port have struggled to generate any winning momentum only registering one victory for the season and will have their cut out for them against a well-oiled and consistent Jets outfit that know how to win. It will be an enthralling battle as both sides look to impress and use the ball well with Western Port in particular having the odds stacked against them.

There is no denying that Trevon Clayton has been the barometer for the Jets with his accuracy and proficiency a couple of key characteristics to his game play. Coming off a 23-point and 10-rebound performance Clayton will be riding high so expect the likes of Jayce Beasley and Cory Bellman to feed off that type of energy in this matchup. There is no denying that Daryl Corletto is the go-to man for Western Port, and if the Jets are any chance to keep their undefeated record in-tact they will have to account for his shooting presence. Matt Pollard and Jay Allen are the other two main facilitators for Western Port that often able to bob up and have an influence to dictate the play. Matt Turner has proven to be a handful off the boards for Western Port so expect Sunbury to put a lot of work into him, in order to limit his opportunities to reel in the rebounds.

Blackburn vs. Casey
Saturday, April 17 @8:00pm

Blackburn have a firm hold on bottom spot on the ladder and will need to put out their best performance to date if they are to get over the top of the higher placed Casey side. Casey currently only have one more win to their name than their opponents but are playing with more conviction and dominance across the court making for a thrilling matchup.

Bul Niop is the gamechanger for Blackburn and Casey will have to be aware of what he can produce if they are to comfortably get over the top of the Vikings. Niop is strong both when it comes to scoreboard presence and so too off the boards. Jah Soloai is another exciting contributor for Blackburn that can impose himself as can Cooper Applegate and Terrance Swayne given their ability to hit the scoreboard and stop opposition players in their tracks. it is hard to go past Anthony Williams Jr who has proven to be a stalwart for Casey with his drive to the basket while Calvin Enge had a game to remember and is likely to bring that energy into the upcoming clash. Angus Howey and Matt Donlan are others that are known to chime in with a handy couple of points to worry opposition teams and create pressure which Casey will need if they are to win.

Hume vs. McKinnon
Saturday, April 17 @6:00pm

It is going to be an interesting battle between the two sides as McKinnon look to make it five straight and Hume aim to walk away with their second victory of the 2021 season. McKinnon are in red-hot form and do not look like slowing down any time soon and will be eager to impose themselves against a struggling Broncos outfit that are yet to hit their stride.

Mackuei Puondak is a real livewire for Hume consistently able to add to the scoreboard and inflict pain off the boards with his sheer presence causing headaches for opposition sides. Puondak will need support from the likes of Jake Martin and Shayan Mahboobi if the Broncos are any chance to rattle the undefeated side that is McKinnon. Both Martin and Mahboobi are exciting players able to use their signature flair to have an impact while Anthony Dell’Orso is a menace when it comes to blocks. Although Hume have a number of viable options, McKinnon are not short of excitement machines with Jack Wilson in ripping from while Jordan Geer is coming off a double-double. Luke Shelley has been a consistent figure for McKinnon both on the scoreboard and off the boards while Jordan Vandenberg is not to be underestimated

Keilor vs. Chelsea
Saturday, April 17 @8:00pm

The final game of the round sees, Keilor and Chelsea go head-to-head in a battle of third versus seventh. Although it is expected that Keilor will win the contest do not underestimate Chelsea given they only have one win to their name. The thunder on the other hand, will be riding high having notched up their third straight win and will have no intentions of dropping the ball with a loss here.

Leading the league for points, Luke Sist is the lynchpin for Keilor averaging a whopping 24 points a game along with 20.33 rebounds proving just how much of a force he is. His accuracy is another key aspect in his game play, able to not only hit the scoreboard frequently but consistently. Matt Spencer plays a strong supplementary role and will be wanting to keep that going in this performance while Jeffrey Ofoedu is another option for the Thunder that can step up to the plate and lead the charge. Nathan Frost has been in scintillating form and will need to bring his a-game against a red-hot Keilor side. Frost alongside with Corey Standerfer and Blake Newman-O’Brien will have their work cut out for them and will need to regularly attack the basket to worry the Thunder and notch up their second win of the season.

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