2021 Big V Men’s: Round 3 preview

ALL five games of Round 3 of the Big V Men’s competition is set to occur on Saturday making for an enthralling day of action. Sunbury will be hoping to keep their undefeated record intact with their third win while Keilor and Casey will be aiming to build some strong form with another victory.

Wyndham vs. Western Port
Saturday, March 27 @ 8:30pm

Wyndham will be looking to bounce back in their Round 3 clash against Western Port after going down the week earlier to Sunbury. Wyndham have a number of players that are able to lead the way and are strong when it comes to steals, able to get in and cause a ruckus. Western Port have been unable to find that winning mentality, currently sitting winless and could have their work cut out for them against Wyndham who have had an inconsistent start to their campaign.

There are a trio of players that have been a strong force for Wyndham with Aaron Dolny leading the troops. Over the past two rounds, he has managed 28 points making him a real threat in this outing. Brandon Watkins is coming off a strong performance in Round 2 and will be eager to keep that high output going against Western Port as Cameron Hutton has also been known to bob up with a couple of points. Stefan Pomasan was somewhat down on his usual output so expect him to be up and about this round as Wyndham look for their second win of the season. For Western Port, Darryl Corletto has proven to be a real threat when he gets going posting 23 points back in Round 1 and also capable of reeling in rebounds aplenty. Bevan Camilleri, Jack Gaze and Chris Taylor are also prone to dominance on the scoreboard able to get busy and put up shots to create handy totals. Still in the early stages of the competition, both sides have a lot to play for and will be eager to solidify their standings in the pack to make a difference.

McKinnon vs. Casey
Saturday, March 27 @ 7:30pm

Casey have made it two wins straight and will have a keen eye on making it three straight as they take on McKinnon. With slick ball movement and a number of commanding players out on court, Casey have no shortage of scoring options and will back themselves in against McKinnon. Casey have flexed their muscles on more than one occasion proving they know how to both win ugly or blow teams out of the water such is their skillset and overall nous to work themselves back into the game even when perceived to be down and out.

Spearheaded by the likes of Matt Donlan who is coming off another commanding performance (16 points, four rebounds and three assists) albeit down on his Round 1 efforts (31 points, seven rebounds and two assists) he is clearly a force to be reckoned with. His prolific nature is telling and often receives support from the likes of Anthony Williams Jnr and Ben Gaspar. All in all, Casey have multiple viable options that are able to keep the scoreboard effectively ticking over with Ben Waterhouse and Michael McInnes able to make a splash with their presence on court.

Keilor vs. Hawthorn
Saturday, March 27 @ 8:00pm

Entering Round 3 with a 10-point win under their belt, Keilor Thunder will be chomping at the bit to not only replicate those efforts but better them against Hawthorn. However the Magic will have another ending outlined looking to bounce back after a 20-point loss in their previous outing. Sitting on one win apiece both sides will have their work cut out for them as they look to find some continuity and establish themselves in the early stages of the season.

The Magic can look to a plethora of players to suit up and hit the scoreboard with Kirk Smith an integral member in that unit. His Round 1 effort of 25 points was followed up by 12 in the next meeting while Joe Furphy has also proven his worth as a handy candidate frequently popping up on the top points scorers list for his side. The other key contributor to keep an eye out for from the Magic is Daniaell Herbert given his ability to find the ball and make the basket. Keilor will be hoping that Luke Sist can once again deliver the goods both on the scoring and rebounding front coming off a phenomenal 26 point and 28 rebound effort. His strength will be an area of concern for Hawthorn as they will have to try and negate his influence. Matt Spencer is another handy prospect as is Joel Bellman with the duo able to chime in and apply much needed scoreboard pressure for Keilor who will need to be on their A-game.

Chelsea vs. Blackburn
Saturday, March 27 @ 8:00pm

It is set to be an enthralling battle between Chelsea and Blackburn as they fight it out to claim the all-important. With an inconsistent start to the season plaguing both sides expect the two clubs to leave nothing to chance and put each other through their paces in order to build up a strong foundation for the remainder of the season.

Chelsea will look to Corey Standerfer to stand up and deliver in their clash with his ability to navigate past his opponents and add to the tally an integral element in his game play. teammate Lachlan Anthony is another talented prospect for Chelsea that is capable of doing scoreboard damage while Christopher Kaba is a menace off the boards. Expect Bul Niop to take centre stage for the Vikings given his proficiency and basketball nous to weave his way down the court and hit the scoreboard while Jah Soloai is an excitement machine that if able to get his hands to ball could do damage.

Sunbury vs. Hume
Saturday, March 27 @ 8:00pm

The final game of the round between Sunbury and Hume is set to be an enticing battle as they lock horns on Saturday night. Sunbury will look to go 3-0 with a win here having notched up 20 point 30 point victories to kickstart their campaign. Hume on the other hand have had an up and down start to their year and are looking for some form of consistency but will have their limits pushed against a well oiled Jets outfit.

Sunbury know how to win and there is no denying that, but it is their ability to share around the rock that makes them so damaging with multiple players able to pick up the slack and lead the charge. Trevon Clayton is a livewire for Sunbury, consistently chiming in on the scoreboard and on the rebound front while Nathanael Coory can change the course of a game in a heartbeat credit to his scoring prowess and overall accuracy. Nathan Baker and Nathan Marshall can also not be left unattended, because if given enough time and space they can become quite a handful which will make life hard for Hume. Although it has not all been smooth sailing for the Broncos there has been a couple of shining lights with Mackuei Puondaki the main player in focus. He is a points scoring machine and if able to get loose could cause plenty of headaches for the undefeated Jets. His growing partnership with Shayan Mahboobi and Joel Rimes will also be another crucial element in their gameplay if they are to worry Sunbury and really pose a threat.

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